Introduction: Animatronic Arm

This project is meant only for the purpose of submit to MSMS. Please do not recreate. I am sure there are better tutorials or explanations.

Step 1: Hypothesis

The motor will burnout before it will lift more than an average human.

Step 2: Special Carved Blocks

Take the two large block. They will be carved to where they fit opposite side of the lever. Divide the block in thirds in parallel to the sides and halves on the side. Remove the outermost thirds so that only the center third remain. If you are going to attach the single talk to this block, then cut out the center that will fit the lever and move freely. On the other end, cut the parts that are outermost so that a pillar that fits into the two tongs remains.

Step 3: Materials

•(4)5/8" Threaded Steel Rod(2 rods are 12", 2 rods are 14")
•(6)wood blocks (4 blocks are 2 1/2"x3 1/2"x 1 1/2, 1 block is 5"x1 1/2"x 3 1/2", 1 block is 3"x1 1/2"x3 1/2")
•multiple lock nuts, washers, screws, and spare 5/8" threaded steel rod.
•Wood glue

Step 4: Building the Structure

Drill two holes through the wood centered in the middle and half an inch from the edge on the four smallest blocks.
Insert threaded rods(12 inches) into the holes of one block.
Lock in place with lock nuts.
Position largest block directly in the center of the rod. Drill two holes to where the longest sides have the holes in them so they fit on to the rod snuggly. Lock in place on both sides. Position another smallest block on the end lock in place on both sides.
Drill holes for a hinge across the longest side and attach hinge.
Recess the hole to about the middle of the block with a slightly larger drill bit roughly by a quarter inch. This is the block that will later be attached to the hinge. Proceed as normal and run rod through securing it in place with more lock nuts.
Grab a tube that is smooth and has little catch on it. Ft it it on the rod and use a spacer if necessary. I used old jump rope covers and PVC pipe.
Take the block that is 3 inches and drill a hole big enough to slide on the pipe. Slide onto the pipe.Secure with lock nuts. Bottom will not be needed because it will already be secured on the bottom. Use the final block to finish the half of the arm off by resting it on the top lock nuts on the pipe and secure the top. If there is excess keep it on to add support to an attachment later on.

Step 5: The Mechanics

The mechanism is a simple gear assembly with two small bike gears and chain. They are welded to washers to make it more stable. Then they are locked in to rotate as the drill moves

Step 6: Testing

The test was simply lifting weights in a container.

Step 7: Conclusion

The animatronic arm was unable to lift two pounds and thus lost by over 20 pounds.

These are the Vlog on the project.

Vlog 1:
Vlog 2:
Vlog 3:
Vlog 3.5:
Vlog 4:
Vlog 5:
Test 1:
Test 2:
Test 3:
Vlog 6:
Vlog 7: