Introduction: Animatronic Bird

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This Animatonic was originally a TSA (Technology Student Association) Project. We had to make an animatronic and explain how it works showing the control electronics.

Step 1: The Concept

First I had to design a wing mechanism. Which was easier said then done. I took hours of analyzing how a bird flaps its wings. Then I figured it out. I needed a wing with 3 sections the base, The arm, Fore arm. And then I could connect the base and the fore arm throw the rod and as the arm spun in the base the rod would guide the fore arm with it. Then a hole would be drilled in the arm so I could add a torsion connected to the pegs of the base spring to snap the arm open.

Step 2: Finishing It

Finally I could add the second wing to the body. I also made 2 holes for micro servos. Servo 1 would flap the wings up and down with the help of an arduino nano. Servo 2 would pull the wings down then when the servo releases the torsion springs would snap the wings open again.


This bird was only a quick prototype for demonstration nothing in the model is a polished product

(I did 3d print and make the bird and everything went well. sadly I could not get pictures of it :( )

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