Introduction: Anime-Kid Presents: PULSAR-RFD

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i made this gun, based off: [url=]Sharir1701's shell ejecting gun[/url],
this is my powerfullest gun upon present!

PULSAR-RFD stands for:
Powerfull Ultimate Law Sniper Asault Riffle - Random  Fire Distance,
the RFD is because it litterly sometimes fires at random distance, and it's not so acurated, BUT!
it has a gravity mag!, it holds 5 rounds, when ram is pulled back!

let's check the pro's and con's


has grip
has acog(normale sights...)
has de-atatchable stock(5 layer c: )
the gun it self is 3 layers
far pin pull back
good tigger
nice distance

low cap mag...
pin sometimes try's to enter the back of the gun...
tigger sometimes breaks or, is hard to pull
pin is hard to pull, and it was almost imposible to put the "bolt" handle on it
sometimes the bullets are stuck in the barrel(when not good inserted!)
not so acurated...
doesn't have a "mag", but a space to put bullets in, that is powerd by gravity,
stock needs to be hold back by a rubberband, or els it will break when on ground sniping
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