Introduction: Animo (Social Robot)

Animo is a set of papercrafted covers to use with an OPSORO building kit.

With the kit you can build your own social robot. Animo can be made by anyone but the target is 10 to 14 year old kids. Make and play with the robot and it's facial expressions and get to know endangered species a bit better.

Step 1: Materials

For this robot you'll need:

-The OPSORO kit with:

* 2 eye modules

* 2 eyebrow modules

* grid

- a piece of rope

- thick A4 paper with the unfolded cover*

(I used 300g/m² , let me know what the result is if you use lighter paper)

- a screwdriver

- scissors

- tape

- glue

- optional: a ruler to fold with

*The panda fits with the OPSORO standard grid, the whale is a bit too small. You can either make a smaller grid, or use the PDF of the whale as a guideline. The text on these PDFs is in Dutch

Step 2: Get Started

Start by cutting out the components. Notice how each edge (except on the bottom) has a number. The matching edges have matching numbers.

Fold en glue the parts like in the tutorial.

The whole cover is made this way. This step takes the longest;

Step 3: OPSORO Parts

I only used the eyes and eyebrow modules, like you can see in the video tutorial. To make it work you need the heart component of OPSORO, or program your own arduino. I didn't make it work yet, so please share if you do!

Step 4: Put Them Together

Put the cover over the OPSORO grid, make sure the eyes and eyebrows outline with the holes.

Next you attach the eyebrow piece on the servo of the module, screw it on.

Then you can choose which eyebrow you want, and glue or tape it on these pieces.

Step 5: Enjoy

Your robot is finished, have fun!

Play with the facial expressions, learn about these endangered species and so on...

Let me know if you find any difficulties or problems!