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Known for its starter kits in terms of sensors and the products Penguin and Car Kit, Elegoo completes its range with another electronic vehicle: a kind of hoverboard without being able to stand on it.

Take Control

To control you take a smartphone app (Android) to hand and build via Bluetooth connect to Tumbller. This app can also be used to control your car kit. A selection at the beginning asks what should be controlled. The app supports all modes: obstacle, avoidance, line tracking and free-style.


The "Tumbller" means tumbler, because Elegoos Arduino self-balancing car like a tumbler especially when walking. And the extra "L" comes from there brand "Elegoo", for the sake of promoting the product recognition :-)

You will get a full kit with all parts in the box with this parts:


  • Elegoo Uno,BLE-Modul HC-08
  • Stepper-Board TB6612 GNG
  • GY-521 with MPU6050 accelerometer and a MEMS gyro in a single chip
  • Ultrasonic Echo HC-SR042x heavy motors
  • 1x remote control
  • 1x JST cable well labeled
  • 3x plates
  • 1x plates small for support
  • 2x wheels
  • 2x metalic plates
  • 2x Battery and Loader
  • Screws and Nuts - well labeled

> Listing subject to change - Changes to the final product may occur.

  • user manual will come later in the final stage

First Test

The Tumbller was put to the test on the treadmill at the gym: Run Tumbller run! The control via app is still a little practice-needy for me...

Second Test

With a bit of practice I can let the tumbler drive 8th. The treadmill has little speed: only 1 km/h. The Tumbller can drive much faster, but then I lose control of him.

The sports friends had the following feedback ready:

  • is the nice quiet!
  • “oh how cute” and also the question,
  • where to find the STOP button.

About "Stop" button: you can put Tumbller in a standby mode with press of "Ok" or power on/off with the switch of the battery box.

My Assessment

I have received a test in the run-up to the market and give a brief outline: I found all the necessary parts in the tidy box, as usual with batteries, charger and labeled bags for assembling. Particularly noteworthy is the use of weight by metallic plates and other metallic elements. Thus, the focus for balancing is well weighted. The plates have no sharp edges and the box contents are almost odorless. The two engines are excellent.

I needed about 1.5h (inclusive the time for my notes) for the assembly and am particularly pleased that Tumbller works out of the box without extra Sketch Upload. I was able to test the use immediately after assembling!

Elegoo helps buyers build components with video-assisted, step-by-step instructions (not public at the moment).

Currently, Elegoos Tumbller is still during the test stage. This article is only for new product testing feedback, and Elegoo will put Tumbller on sale on Amazon in 2019, stay tuned!

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