Introduction: Annoy 90% of Under 20 Year Olds

Annoy 90% Of Under 20 Year Olds, with high frequency* noise.

Step 1:
Download the attached sound.

Step 2 : Burn a c.d. with the sound on it, or put it on a device.

Step 3: play it!


you all said it didnt work because it was mp3, so i have made a .wav version with blips of silence so they're not able to ignore the sound, also, dont play it to loud or it goes funny (or atleast it does with my speakers)
-warning! wav file is 10.1mb but it is also 1:15 min long-

I'm really sick of people asking me how to download this sound, please read the other comments it has already been answered

to make the .wav file playable do this notepad 2.drag the .tmp file into save as4. click the save as type box, and change it to "all files" it "noise.wav"  without quotes, remember to type .wav it is as you wish

wooo happy one years of sound induced pain(in 5 days time(26/07/07)).