Introduction: Annoying Buzzer Soundboard

Hello there!

Ever wanted to know how to make a custom, easy pressure sensor? Ever wanted to know how to make your own soundboard? Ever wanted to annoy the hell out of the people around you? Well then you've come to the right adress!

In this instructable I'll be teaching you how to just that in just a couple of easy steps.

What you'll need:

- an Arduino (I used an Arduino UNO).

- a breadboard with at least 30 rows (more reccomended).

- 6 LED lights (3 pairs of 2 different color lights).

- 1 piezo buzzer.

- 10 220 Ohm Resistors

- a bunch of jumper wired.

- aluminium foil.

- some paper

- some cardboard.

Step 1: Making the Pressure Pads.

Making these custom pressure pads is super simple, I'll explain it in 4 easy steps:

1: cut out a square of coardboard in the size you want your pressure pad to be, then cut a hole in it. this will be the usable area of your pressure pad.

2: on one side of your cardboard square, glue a piece of paper with another hole on it. this hole should be at least a little bit smaller then the one you cut in your cardboard! this is to prevent the aluminium layers of your pressure pad to accidentally stick together when you press it a bunch of times.

3: now, on both sides of your carboard-paper creation, glue a layer of aluminuim foil. make sure your aluminium layers are a little smaller then your button, so that the sides of both layers don't accidentally touch eachother.

4: lastly, just glue/tape/solder the wires that connect your pressure pad to your breadboard on either side of the pad, and ta-da! you're done.

Step 2: The Wiring, Part 1

Now for the tricky part.

Remember how i recommended you get a breadboard with more then 30 rows? yeah, that was to prevent you the headache of your final project looking as densely packed as mine.

Anyways, above I've drawn out a basic graph of how the wiring works for the buzzer and ONE touch pad with accompanying LED.

The pink boxes in the graph show wiring patterns that can be repeated, so essentially you can add as many buzzers and touchpad-LED combo's as you'd like, given your arduino has enough space for all the wiring.

For my project I only used 3 touch pads, so I just repeated the touchpad-LED wiring another 2 times. doing so will get you something along the lines of the video shown above.

Step 3: The Wiring, Part 2

If you only want 1 LED per touch pad, you can skip this step. for those of you that want 2 LED's per touch pad, simply wire another LED as shown on the graph on the other side of your breadboard.

NOTE: feeling like your LED's are being swallowed by all your wiring? you can elongate them by simply sticking some electrical wires in place of your LED's, and taping/soldering those wires and the ends of your LED together.

repeat this step for all of your touch pads, and the result should be as in the video shown above.

(I used tape for my LED wired in the video, but i highly recommend soldering them instead.)

Step 4: The Code

to make things easier on all of us, I added comments in the code that explain what part does what.

note: I may have used different pins for the input and output of specific pads then you while building this, please be sure to check, and change any pinmode numbers whenever necessary.

I hope this tutorial is useful for someone, and i wish you all the best of luck! :^)