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Introduction: Annoying Orange Pic!

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I figured that some of you would be fans of annoying orange, or maybe you'd like to ANNOY someone and turn them into an orange..."hahahahahahah". So here it is, an easy way to do so! :) (using photoshop)

Here is a Halloweenie Video for you!

Step 1: Images

Find your face and your orange!

Step 2: Face Parts

Now it's time to outline your face parts! You will use the LASSO tool to select the area around your eyes and mouth. Leave some extra room so you can erase what's needed. Don't get too close to your eye, etc. Also, use the tool-tools above, to add and remove from your selection.

Once you have the parts outlined, just hit CONTROL+C, CONTROL+V and then you've copied your selection.

Next, hit the letter V on your keyboard to activate the "move" tool. Drag your eyes and mouth over to the image of the orange and you're mostly done! :)

Step 3: Erasing

Now that you have the rough shapes of your parts on the orange, it's time to clean them up.

Zoom in A LOT, using CONTROL + ] , control and the square brackets are shortcuts to zoom in and out. To center your image and zoom out, press CONTOL + 0.

Once you're zoomed in, select the eraser tool and above, on the top tool bar, select the fuzzy circle, which will erase things with a soft edge. You can see the settings I used if you want to duplicate the same look. Just don't use a TINY circle, or a BIG one. To get the size you prefer, have the fuzzy circle selected, click somewhere on the image to make the options box go away and then hit those [ and ] brackets to change the size easily. :)

Just slowly and easily erase the excess around your eyes and mouth, leaving a tiny edge. You want your eyelids intact and some edge outside your lips. (More edge than I left.) :)

Step 4: Sharpening

I am picky and I want things to look best, but this isn't needed.

I used the BURN tool, (looks like a curved hand), to darken the edges of my eye to make it look like eyeliner. And I also burned the edges of my iris? to make my eyes pop. Then I burned the center of my eye...the black part to make it better defined.

Then I used the DODGE tool to whiten my eyes, the color of my eyes and my teeth. Make sure to note the mode and numbers that I used with the tools, on the top bar. :)

Basically, you want to use around 23% for dodge and around 30% for burn, until you see that you want something even lighter or more dark. And use the "midtones" setting in the top bar of options for both tools.

Once you have your eyes sorted out, do the lasso tool, but select the inner eye this time, parts of your eyeline and your whites, everything within there, no lids, etc. Once you have the outline you like, do the CONTROL + C, CONTROL + V, and then you will have an eyeball sitting on top of your full eye. You won't notice this, but it's there. You can select the eye copy you just made, from your layers area and LINK it with the full eye, below it. Do the same for the other eye and the mouth. That way you have a TOP eye, and a bottom EYE for each eye, and top and bottom mouth images.

Step 5: Luminosity

Take the BOTTOM eye layer (the one including your eyelid), and make sure that it's selected, go over above the layers area and in the MODE, drop down menu, choose LUMINOSITY. This till make your BOTTOM eye layer blend into the orange. :D Your top eye, it will just serve as your eye. So you can leave that one alone.

Do the same with the other eye, and the mouth. That way the edges will have the appearance of blending in with the orange. :)

If you'd like to, you can use your BURN tool again, have the LOWER eye layer selected and draw some eyelashes on there so they stand out, or trace your own to make them more obvious.

I didn't like the way the edge of my "eyeshadow" looked on top the the orange skin, so I just selected the BOTTOM eye layer and used the soft eraser to clean up the edge, so there is no more overhang.

Step 6: Linking and Arranging

This is a side note, when you have your top and bottom layers of each eye and mouth linked, you can press CONTROL + T to transform them at the same time. (Basically resizing the two layers together.)

You can now make the mouth as big as you want it, and the eyes sized as you like them. One tip - if you want the eyes to match in size, when you are ready to size the 2nd one - and you're still in TRANSFORM mode with the box outline,drag it over to the other eye and see that they are similar in size. :) Press enter to accept the location after transforming.

Put everything where you want it!

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Now that you've got the look, it's time for the attitude. Put some thought/phrase bubbles in there and give them some attributes.

I went to the layer with the bubble, right clicked, RASTERIZE LAYER, then down at the bottom of the layers menu, I chose the crazy FX button for effects. I added a shadow and a stroke to make sure that it popped out. Play with the settings to get a live preview of what you'd like to see.

Next, select the text tool on the left side, type out your line, then CONTROL + T to transform it to the size you'd like and even use the corners to spin and angle your text to fit your bubble properly. Press enter to accept the location after transforming.

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