Anonymously Browsing With Tor (installation) at the Raspberry Pi 3.

Introduction: Anonymously Browsing With Tor (installation) at the Raspberry Pi 3.

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Hello everybody.

This is an instructable about installing and using Tor in order to access anonymously the Internet.The whole installation takes some time so grub a cup of coffee and start typing some commands.

This is not a Tor Relay installation

Step 1: Few Words Before the Whole Process.

As i said this is not a Tor Relay installation. Few years ago i tried to download and use Tor browser for my Raspberry pi 1 but it never worked, i manage to install Tor from source and now i have a new Raspberry pi 3 so i used almost the same steps to see if it works and it works.

Step 2: Update Your System.

This is a basic step before we start typing some serious commands.

For this project i used the Raspbian image from

November 2017.

Lets start updating our system:

1.Open a terminal and type sudo apt-get update

2.After the update ends type sudo apt-get upgrade. The upgrade should not take long because we have the latest image.

That's it.Our system is up to date and we are ready to start installing some additional packages

Step 3: Additional Packages - Tor Installation

In this step we will install Tor from source. It takes time and we will work from the terminal. In order to use Tor we also need to have installed:

  • Openssl - your OS is updated so you don't need to do nothing, Just install libssl-dev
  • Libevent - Libevent API
  • Zlib

Open a terminal and start typing the commands:

#Install libevent-dev --> sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

#Install libevent --> sudo apt-get install libevent-dev

#Install zlib--> sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev

OK we have installed the additional packages and we will download Tor. From the same terminal type:

wget wait a couple of seconds until the file is downloaded. Then

#Unzip the image you just downloaded with the command
tar xzf tor-

#Enter the folder you just unzipped with the command
cd tor-

#Configure Tor with the command
./configure && make

(This is the last but long step, if you done the previous commands correct the building will last about 35 minutes using the wifi of your Rasperry pi,that's how it took my Raspberry Pi 3. If you haven't install the above packages or openssl you will see an error message and the building will stop after a couple of minutes. So hit enter and do something else because it takes time)

OK that was the installation of Tor but we will not start the service. First lets configure Firefox.

Step 4: Configure Firefox Advanced Network

Ok in this step we have to configure Firefox in order to use the Tor network.

Open Firefox and go to Open menu --> Preferences --> Advanced --> Network and click on Connection settings. At the window that will appear set:

Manual configuration proxy:

--> HTTP Proxy: port 9150

--> SOCKS hos: t127.0.0.1 port 9050.

Also the Not proxy for should be blank.

Step 5: Start Tor As Client

Till now we have installed Tor, configured Firefox to use Tor and our final step is to start the service.

Open a terminal and type cd tor- you are inside the Tor folder type the simple command src/or/tor and you will see the client to establish a Tor circuit at 9050 is the localhost port for SOCKS directly and 9150 port is for Browsing

Now open FIrefox and type

Step 6: Safe Browsing

With this 5 steps we manage to set our Raspberry Pi 3 to use Tor and all the benefits of its network. I am not an expert about Tor and i cant tell you the differences between Tor Browser and Firefox using Tor proxy. But with these few steps you can Anonymously browse the Internet.

In order to have Anonymity in the Internet you have to follow additional steps.Like not opening PDF or word files over Tor, don't torrent over Tor etc.

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    10 months ago on Step 3

    1 tor wasnt available with the given version, starting from now
    directory to cd was not found but that was solved by a small search with dir.
    only the command ...&& make was not accepted or recognized and we stranded here. Still were going to look what we can do about it.


    Question 2 years ago on Step 5

    Hi. All went well until "scr/or/tor" which returned "no such file or directory"

    I have done this twice, with a complete fresh sd card install in between.

    Any ideas?


    Answer 1 year ago

    Path shown is not correct. Correct path is: "tor-<version number>/src/app/tor" note current version at this time (12-23-2020) is for "stable" and Alpha for bleeding edge.


    Answer 2 years ago

    First you have to be inside the directory. cd tor- and then src/or/tor. Beware you written scr/or/tor which is wrong. I think this is your mistake.


    1 year ago on Step 6

    I believe there is a typo in "SOCKS hos: t127.0.0.1 port 9050."
    Try "SOCKS host: port 9050"


    1 year ago

    Great write-up!

    This guide is a bit old, so just a few comments for those reading this guide later on.
    In this guide you use Tor version I would recommend checking for the latest build and use that one. Right now the latest build is tor-

    For later builds there is a new folder structure. In terminal type "cd *your tor build*" to open the folder and then src/app/tor (notice that or has been changed to app)

    And as as user mortenmuller wrote if you want to access an onion link:
    "Tor doesn't use a http proxy anymore. Instead everything goes through socks.
    In Firefox delete the line http proxy but keep the socks proxy.
    At the bottom of the network settings page, make sure "Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5" is enabled"

    Another thing that can mess up onion links is Firefox' Domain Guessing which automaticly adds www in front of the adress. Check this guide for fix:


    2 years ago

    Hi every looks fine until any .Onion website can't be opened. It shows "The proxy server is refusing connections".
    kindly help me with the way out.
    Thank you.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi joydipta90
    Tor doesn't use a http proxy anymore. Instead everything goes through socks.
    In Firefox delete the line http proxy but keep the socks proxy.
    At the bottom of the network settings page, make sure "Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5" is enabled. Works for me.
    Cheers from Denmark


    Reply 2 years ago

    Sorry cant really help you. The instructable is almost 2 years old and i really don't know if anything have changed. You have to figure out yourself.


    Question 2 years ago

    The project worked fine on a Pi 3B+. How do I turn it off? Will it be on after a reeboot?


    Answer 2 years ago

    Thank u for the comment. Yes a simple reboot will be fine. Then you have to start it again with the src/or/tor command.