Introduction: Another 3D Printed Jack-O-Lantern

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This is a Sketchup project to create a Jack-O-Lantern digitally, with the intent to 3D Print.

General knowledge of some standard Sketchup tools is helpful.
Solid objects are trimmed and joined, even hollowed out.
Some helpful plugins are also introduced.

The Sketchup File is included for those that like to make something new.

Step 1: Start With Solids

Start by creating a Dome,
You can make it big,  (choose 13 segments and 4' high)
a copy of the dome is then rotated to make a globe.

Using Solid Tools : Trim, chop of the bottom of the lower dome
this will help the object rest on a flat plane securely

Then using Solid Tools : Split, create a sliver plane of the upper dome.
Moved  it over 10' in a common direction.

Go into the upper dome group, it is now  a single, separated solid, so explode the group.
Then create a solid for each portion of the upper dome (top one is the lantern lid)

A small solid rectangle is Rotated upright, and Scaled down to size.
A Sketchup plugin, FredoScale: Box Twisting, is used to twist the rectangle to make it look more "stemmy"

The boxy stem is positioned to the center of the top dome, (the lantern lid)
Then using Solid Tools : Union,  the stem is combined to the upper dome solid.

Step 2: Alignment Rim and Lid

Moving onto the sliver cut retained earlier, offset the top circle 6"
Then extrude the new internal circle down to a plane (it should vanish)
Now you have the start of an alignment rim

Draw in and extrude a small triangle and set it on the alignment rim
Then using Solid Tools : Union,  the triangle is combined to the rim.

Copy your alignment rim back to the upper dome where it originated
Then using Solid Tools : Trim,  the triangle shape is stamped into the bottom part of the lantern
( the lid is moved up 2' so you can see the impression

Now copy the alignment rim back to its dome location again
This time use Solid Tools: Union to make it a part of the lantern lid

Step 3: Add the Bling

So adding bling can be done in a number of ways.
For a quick example, choose 3D Text and type up something..

Could be anything really, including the text style.  Make sure you extrude it at least 18"
Our image shows something simple

We found that exploding the text allows for separating the individual letters into unique solids.
Move the solids around until you like where they set.
However, don't add these solids to the domes.

Step 4: Hollow Out the Core

Let's hollow out the domes...
Create a copy of both dome solids to a known offset (10')
Use plugin FredoScale to reduce the moved solids,  on centerline (Ctrl key) approx 85%
Then copy back and Solid Tool: Trim each larger dome

the Jack-O-Lantern doesn't look hollow yet, but an X ray image shows that it is.

lets open up this puppy....
Create a cylinder, copy it over to the centerline of the domes.
use Solid Tools:Subtract to open up the top and bottom of the hollowed out domes

Step 5: Your Turn

Now take it and run with it..
The Sketchup file is happily attached.

If you just want to print print print
There is an STL file derived from the Sketchup file also attached.

Post images..
Get different!

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