Another All Ikea Standing Desk




Introduction: Another All Ikea Standing Desk

I am an artist, educator, tinkerer, and repurposer, err, recycler.

There are many standing desks out there made with Ikea components.

Here is my version.

I've been using the standing desk for a little over a month and I love it. Took a few days to adjust to standing, though - I had a bit of back discomfort that went away after the first week. I have added a footrest which increases comfort. I also notice that I am more focussed on tasks now (rather than distractedly grazing sites) when I am at my computer.

Step 1: List of Parts

1 package 6" Capita Legs 14.00

My version uses 8" legs which are no longer available.

1 package 4" Capita Legs $12.00

Small Lack Coffee Table $19.99

Small Ekby Jarpen Shelf $9.99



Step 2: Assembly

I attached the 6 inch Capita legs to the Lack Table top and the 4 inch legs to the Ekby Jarpen Shelf.

The legs come with all the hardware you need. The awl is used to create small pilot holes to screw leg plates to the underside of the Ekby Jarpen shelf and Lack table top.

The drill was handy but not really necessary - a screwdriver would probably have worked as well.

Step 3: Finished Project

I am using the Galant System as the base for the raised desk.

The Galant desks are height adjustable, so I could easily adjust the desk to bring lower shelf to elbow height.

Ikea no longer makes the Galant System. They have replaced it with the Bekant line of office furniture.

Step 4: Footrest Optional ;-)

The footrest is an optional add-on but creates even more comfort when standing.

This one is made with left over pieces of 1x6 boards and plywood and painted for durability.

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    5 years ago

    Nice job, looks very clean. I just signed up to get this desk from a kickstarter campaign:

    But I also want to add the standing component, and I think you're design would work well. Are you happy with the dimensions of your standing table top? Have enough work space?


    5 years ago

    Perhaps the "GODMORGON Leg, round, stainless steel" product, adjustable from 22 to 25 cm ( 8 5/8 " to 9 7/8 " ), as a replacement for the discontinued 8" Capita leg?