Introduction: Another Altoids Ipod Charger

Alright this is my first Instructable and I made a different version of the Altiods ipod charger. I made my first version off of another instructable but i wanted to make it my own so i made this one

Step 1: Materials

Soldering Iron
Lots of wires
dremel or something to cut the altiods case
drill bits
9v battery clip
5v Regulator
Resistor (im not really sure which one)
female usb (www.

this is a pic of the regulator

Step 2: Hooking Up the Battery and Switch

Hook the 9v Battery clip up to the batter
Take the red wire (positive) from the clip and solder it to one end of the switch
then solder the other end of the switch to the resistor and solder the resistor to the positive side of the led

Step 3: Led to Regulator

Now solder the other end of the led to pin 1 of the regulator (there should be a schematic on the back of the regulator box.
Next take a black wire and solder it to the middle pin of the regulator aka the ground.

Step 4: Wiring the Ground

Solder a wire going from the out of the regulator (pin 3) and solder it to pin one of the usb port.

Take the wire you soldered onto the ground (pin 2 of the regulator) and solder it to the negative of the battery.

Ok now the confusing part. Solder another wire onto the negative of the battery. Take the end of that wire thats not connected to anything and connect it to pin 4 of the usb. Sorry if this sounds confusing

The picture should help a little.
I also tried to make a schematic in paint

Step 5: The Case

Its time to modify the altoids case. You can do however you want really all i did was drill a hole in the side for the switch
I also drilled a whole in the front for the led

Next i took my dremel and put two slits down the side for the usb and then u just put everything in

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