Introduction: Another Box Bed

For the past 9 months I've being telling everybody I know that I am going to build a bed for our guest room. Well, at last I got around to actually building it, to my wife's delight! I base this bed on an Instructable I found by William Holman. (Box Bed)

I simplified the build a bit because I don't nearly have all the tools William have. I must also submit that I could simply not afford plywood and settled on 18mm MDF instead.

This build came about when we emigrated and needless to say, money is an issue and we get family visits from time to time and it is not cool to let your wife's parents sleep on a matress on the floor.

All the materials used are readily available at your local hardware store. I also had the MDF cut at the hardware store to simplify the build (and I also do not have the tools or space to cut it).

UPDATE: Unfortunately, my better half decided that she want to upgrade our bedroom suite and we decided that our current furniture will move to the spare room. Needless to say, no more bed to build. I will still put some Sketchup files and jpg's up here if anyone would be interested in building this box bed.

Step 1: Step 1 - Research

After a fair bit of research and planning, I decided that William's Box Bed is the way to go. It has heaps of storage and is simple enough for me to assemble (I am not very good at working with wood).

I also decided to make two bedside tables and finish everything in the same style. I first decided on the materials to use and then I made some rough drawings in Sketchup. (See the images below)

The completed drawing with all the components can be seen in the first picture. Please note that the pictures does not have any support drawn in so you will need to add your own supports where you think they are needed.

Step 2: Step 2 - Cuts

I also include the files and images for all the pieces needed to be cut. All the sizes of the MDF board are standard, so it will be easy to find at your local supplier. If you are lucky, they will even cut it for you.

At the end of the day you will need 5 X 2400mm by 1200mm by 18mm MDF boards. The first 2 boards must be cut 2 times and the 3rd one time. For the 1800mm by 300mm by 16mm you only need one and this will mainly be used for the bedside tables.

Step 3: Step 3 - Finished Products

Here are some images for the finished products. Maybe one day I will be able to build this myself. You can also visit my website at if you like beer and some other delights.