Another Flash Drive Mod

Introduction: Another Flash Drive Mod

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Here are today's two victims:

On the left, the tiniscule toy car that came out of a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg. I have been hanging on to it for quite some time, waiting for the just the right flash drive to come along. 

The right drive turned out to be a Türk Telekom promotional item, a tiny 4 GB model given to me by my dear friend Çimen.

Step 1: Taking Things Apart

The flash drive is easy to take apart. Once the tiny ring is removed, the pin comes out easily.

The car is made of three separate pieces.

Step 2: Breaking Things Down

It seems all construction projects start by breaking things down first. I start with the car. 

I target the tiny plastic bits that keep the car's upper and lower parts together. A Victorinox blade and a tiny cable cutter are my best friends here. Now the three layers (the upper part, the lower part, the transparent middle) can be separated. Don't you lose that axle!

Step 3: Rough Fitting

Here I am trying to visualize the finished product, trying to estimate how and where the flash drive could be affixed to the car.

Step 4: Downsizing the Drive

Now it's time to shave off the protruding bits from the flash drive. Plastic may not be the most beautiful material in the world, but it sure is the easiest to work with. I used sandpaper (not pictured here) to finish. 

So, the flash drive has been streamlined.

Step 5: Filing Things Down

The fitting I conducted earlier has given me a fair idea of how much room I needed to make inside the car. I file off the two parts (front and back) that make up the lower half of the car. I stop and check my progress often to ensure that I do not shave off too much.

Step 6: Fitting

Once the dust clears off the top should be nice and even, ready to receive the drive. Time to put things together and check the fit.

Step 7: Cyanoacrylate

One last check before gluing everything. A newspaper is a good idea if you do not want to mess up the finish of your table. It gives a glimpse of the date too.

Step 8: Finalized Product

Et voilà our glam shots. Also pictured here, another car I had modded earlier.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! Just what I needed! Now to find a car... :P


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is really cool!!! I've looked at a lot of flash drive mods, but this might be my favorite, nice work.