Another IPhone Dock




Introduction: Another IPhone Dock

I'd like to share my IPhone dock, I made out of solid piece of sugar maple(i think)
I made it couple of month ago and do not have step by step pictures.
This was made for my wife to eliminate cables hanging around kitchen, just stick Ipone and it is charging 
but idea came from all the dock stations I see on this site, a little improvement, I think, is having no cables hanging off the dock itself.
It is plugged in to an outlet, and secured with a screw, due to weight of the dock itself(solid piece of wood) and Iphone.

Step 1: Parts

1. Piece of wood you like my overall dimensions 2x2x3 inch
2. 3.5 inch Iphone cable availabe at Amazon, I got 3 for $1.99 
3. Metal piece to use as mounting bracket about 3.5 inch long .5 inch wide
4. Some glue, I used a plastic resin, but sugru could work too to secure cable and mounting bracket

circular saw

Step 2:

Take a piece of wood you like, does not hurt to have something unusual my overall dimensions 2x2x3 inch
Cut sides to create T shape or other shape you like
Cut front part of wood to create face plate
In my project i glued piece of wood to create lip as ornament to hide connector, this could be achieved by cutting top part of body dock.
Cut  out middle on a circular saw to create space for  power adapter and cable 1  1/8 inch wide
Drill hole for cable in top part of dock 
Bend piece of metal in such way so it snugly will hold power adapter, had to make few wholes in it so I can insert cable and a hole to attach to outlet
insert power cable into dock leave some space to account for Iphone jackets .
Attach power adapter and insert that into dock so it  is flush with dock sides, I did not glue power adapter and it is removable from the assembly
Now glue cable and metal bracket to dock
Sand, polyurethane.
Wait till it dries and attach to outlet

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    5 years ago

    easy to create, thanks a lot !