Introduction: Another Lego Rubber Band Gun

This is my first instructable so be nice. It was originally going to be a semi-auto gun but that feature doesn't work. It is still pretty powerful. If you want to try improving on the design you can but just tell me. Other than that have fun! I also adapted the barrel from ferret2992's semi auto gun. Just wanted to give credit where it's due. A small upgrade would be to add an extension to the trigger and move it down further to make it easier to shoot. Thank you.

Please tell me what you think. Constructive criticism, etc. Thanks =)

Step 1: The Barrel

This is the barrel of the gun.
These are the materials needed for the barrel
1. 2 1x6 post/blocks
2. 2 1x16 post/blocks
3. 4 round block connectors
4. 1 2x4 plate
5. 1 2x6 plate
6. 1 2x8 plate
7. 1 2x10 plate
Take the 2x10 plate and the 1x16 posts and put the plate on the top of the posts. Then take the connectors and put two on each side of the connected posts. Now take the 2x8 plate and put it on the uncovered stretch of post. There will be overhang. Take the two 1x6 posts and attach them to the overhang. Attach the 2x4 plate to the rest of the black posts. Finally take the 2x6 plate and place it over the break between the 2x8 and 2x4 plates. You have completed the barrel.

Step 2: The Mechanism

these are the materials you need
1. 1 big gear
2. 1 small arm
3. 4 circle connectors
4. 4 1x10 posts
5. 2 1x8 posts
6. 2 big arms
7. one small plus sign connector
8. 2 long circle connectors
9. one half circle/half plus sign connector
10. 2 thin plus sign circles
11. 1 1 and 1/4 inch connector
12. one long connector (just has to stretch across gear)
13. 1 small rubber band
The instructions will be in the pictures.