Introduction: Another Minimalist Wallet

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My guess is that like a number of you, I jumped on the minimal wallet bandwagon a number of years ago when picking up a credit-card-holder-plus-money-clip.

I loved the thing but, alas, time had taken its toll on my beloved wallet.

Sure, I could simply buy another one; however I'm not that guy anymore.

My plan is to eventually try putting together something like this:

There are also a lot of other instructables that propose different minimal wallet designs worth checking out, of course.

As with most of my plans, it's anyone's guess as to when I'll actually get around to making it happen.

Here is my interim (and hopefully short term) solution.

Step 1: This Is Where We Were

This picture shows what my was left of my initial money clip based wallet... um, there was nothing left of my initial money clip based wallet.

Early on, the clear plastic window intended to facilitate the display of an ID, license, etc., fell out of my then brand new wallet.

Then, the two separate card compartments deteriorated into one.

Finally, there were only a few shreds of leather left attached to the money clip, and it was all being held together with a few hair bands.

Not too long ago, about six years after acquiring the new wallet, I finally gave in, and set the money clip aside.

Step 2: This Is Where We're Going

I've utilized a variety of things in the past to try and hold the various pieces of the worn out wallet together, but o-ring-like hair bands seem to work the best. I steal them from my daughter all the time.

Actually, is it considered stealing when you end up using something you initially paid for?

For a while, I was using two bands, both placed around the width of the cards/cash/etc., but they were too tight, and the edges of the cards started to show signs of damage.

One band worked well when I was still using the money clip that was attached to the tattered leather, but once the clip was no longer part of the picture, that single band just wasn't enough.

There really needed to be some sort of way to secure the cards/cash/etc. around the middle of the top/bottom.

Since the thickness of the cards/cash/etc. being secured varies a lot over time, some adjust-ability would also be a good idea.

Can I get an Amen for Velcro? Velcro cable ties are awesome!

Step 3: Take Some Velcro

So, find one of those two sided cable ties fashioned out of Velcro, which is also known as (from The Wikipedia) hook and loop fastener.

I managed to find some Velcro cable ties that were fairly thin, yet seemed robust. The plastic hook part of this particular Velcro cable tie has a pretty low profile; it's not very aggressive/sharp. That seemed like a desirable characteristic, as the potential for damage to the cards/cash/etc. would probably be lessened.

Plus, we're trying to make a minimalist wallet, right? Thick and chunky industrial Velcro just isn't going to cut it.

Loop the one end cable tie through the band, and pass that end up through the gap in the other end of the cable tie.

Step 4: Come Around Full CIrcle

Move the band up around the cable tie so that it's right up against the place where the Velcro cable tie passes through itself.

This is where you will probably want to check whether the size of the Velcro loop is right for the number of cards/cash/etc. you will be holding.

Additionally, for me, it seemed that this whole thing would work better if the loose section of the band ended up on the inside of the Velcro cable tie.

Step 5: Keep Going Around

Snug the band up close next to the Velcro junction, and press the remaining lengths of Velcro together.

Step 6: Put It All Together

If you are like me, the first time you try to put this contraption around your cards/cash/etc. will be a little bit frustrating. But one you get everything lined up, it will be all good.

You may or may not need to adjust the Velcro in order to get things just right.

Step 7: Try Not to Spend It All in One Place

Here is another view of the finished product.

Typically, I find myself simply moving the band out of the way to the right or left when needing to access any of the cards/cash/etc.

The other good thing about the Velcro cable tie is that it prevents the hair band from slipping off a shooting across the room. Let's just say that those hair bands can travel a long way, and we'll leave it at that.

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