Another Small Wooden Eagle

Introduction: Another Small Wooden Eagle

I made another small wooden eagle using a pattern from Kathy Wise. Her pattern will make an intarsia eagle approximately 22" wide if followed fully. I wanted a wooden eagle only 12.5" wide, so I did not enlarge the pattern fully. In addition, I cut the pattern into only five pieces.

I used oak for the head and tail feathers and walnut for the body and wings.


These instructions call for power tools. Mainly I used a scroll saw, belt sander, handheld rotary tool and a wood burner. Please remember to use every power tool safely.





A small amount of yellow craft paint

Step 1: Apply Pattern, Cut and Sand for Correct Thickness.

I applied the pattern and cut it with a scroll saw. I used small files and sand paper to make the pieces fit together. In order to get pieces to the correct thickness, I added a shim to the head and sanded the wing section and tail feathers on a belt sander. The last photo above shows the parts together at approximately the correct thickness.

Step 2: Shape the Pieces

I used small hand files, sandpaper, small razor-edge tools and a handheld rotary tool to remove the pattern and shape the pieces. The result at the end of this step is shown in the third photo above.

Step 3: Glue the Pieces Together

I glued the pieces together with super glue gel and some wood glue.

Step 4: Fill Gaps Between the Pieces

Using oak sawdust and walnut sawdust mixed with wood glue, I made two colors of wood paste and filled gaps. After that paste dried for a couple hours, I did a lot of sanding, mostly hand sanding.

Step 5: Wood Burn the Eye, Paint As Necessary

I wood burned the eye.

I used yellow craft paint for the beak and talons.

I used shellac for the top coat.

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    Black Auster
    Black Auster

    Question 2 years ago

    Can you carve this onto something? like a wooden bookshelf?


    Answer 2 years ago

    Thank you. Interesting question. It certainly would be possible to make an eagle
    then glue it onto a flat surface such as a book shelf or cabinet. However, I do not carve. I personally could not carve it onto something flat.
    *** Most shelves are make from plywood, not solid wood. IMO, plywood is not
    good for carving. I say that as a non-carver. Perhaps an expert carver
    could do it.
    *** Thickness would be a challenge. Most shelving starts out as 3/4" thick. The
    head of the eagle is more than 3/4" thick. Difference in thickness helps make
    it look more realistic.
    *** I cut the eagle with a scroll saw from two different kinds of wood,
    oak, a light wood, and walnut, a dark wood. Carving into a shelf or
    cabinet implies that it would be only one variety of wood. Therefore
    color differences would be a challenge. I did use yellow paint on the
    beak and talons, so maybe additional paint would be the answer to
    this challenge.
    Those are the challenges I see. However it is possible an expert carver might
    be able to carve an eagle into a flat surface such as you mention. Give it a try. Your results will probably be excellent.

    Black Auster
    Black Auster

    Reply 2 years ago

    okay thanks! ^w^