Another Foundry Project

Introduction: Another Foundry Project

I have found quite a few diffrent projects that include the

Step 1: Burner V1.0

The first burner I have made is an injection style burner made from a section of 1.75" exhaust pipe with a difussor and a flared connection into the foundry. 

I used a axcetelyne tip for the oil injector, it seems to make a fine enouph spray at arround 50 psi in the fuel tank. 

I first tried a simple high voltage supply for the ignition source, made with a rehostat and a ignition coil, this proved to not be a hot enough spark.  Next i tried two ignition coils in tandum, this made a more stable spark but still wasn't hot enouph.  

I have aquired a Neon sign transformer, and if that doesn't work I have a rewound mercurey yard lamp ballast that I was planning to use in a welder project.

Step 2: Oil Burner Retro-fit

I have salvaged a Heating oil burner form an old furnace and am in the process of modifying it for the foundry project.  This is another option for those who don't have a welder or just want to skip to the fun stuff.

Step 3: The Sand Bed

This is what I made up for doing open face molds, and its a place to set the crucible after a melt for it to cool.

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    5 years ago

    You need a vaperizing nozzle for the electric ignition go to and there is a lot of information on oil burners.