Introduction: Another Infinite Table

Seen many times on this site, but so simple and beautiful ...

Step 1: Bill of Materials

  • sheets of wood, thickness 10mm
  • round mirror, diameter 42cm
  • one-way film mirror
  • a round glass top, diameter 47 cm
  • adhesive bumpers
  • table legs, 40 cm
  • neoprene glue
  • glue gun
  • screws
  • electric wires
  • casual tools

Step 2: The Table Design

Step 3: Cut the Wood

I used a CNC router, but i can be done with casual tools

  1. cut a 47cm diameter plain wood round
  2. cut 2 circles, 47 cm outer diameter and 42 cm inner (refer to the 3D design)

That's it ;-)

Step 4: Paste...

  1. Paste the 2 circles on the plain round plate, I used neoprene glue
  2. Paste the mirror inside (neoprene glue)
  3. Paste the led strip around (glue gun for the led strip)

Step 5: Fix the Electronics

  1. Make a small hole on the side of the table to let pass electric wires from the led strip
  2. Fix the arduino UNO under the table. I've used a 3D printed mount ( But you can also fix with a glue gun.
  3. For wire connections between led strip and arduino, please refer the adafruit site. It's well done and clear.

-> you will find there explanations for the led strip, how to use it, and examples for arduino

-> I didn't use the recommended capacitor

-> I power the led strip from the arduino, and not an auxiliary transformer

-> the arduino is powered with an USB cable and a +5V phone charger, it is enough

So to resume : I only need an arduino UNO, a USB cable, a phone charger and the led strip

Step 6: Fix the Table Legs

- Do you really need an explanation to do this ? lol

Step 7: The Glas Top and the One-way Mirror

This is the most expansive part of the table

- I've ordered it from a factory and it costs, arround 110 euros for a "securit" glass and 40 euros for a standard glass

- Fix the one-way mirror on it, it is tricky, not easy, follow the instructions of the box and be patient

- Fix adhesive bumpers and place the glass top on it

That's it, your table is ready to impress your friends :-) :-) :-)