Introduction: Ant Herder

   I remember asking for an ant farm.  Mom said No. Moms are kinda funny about bugs in the house.

You need:
a plastic bottle of some kind, with a hole in it.
a cookie, candy bar or something sweet
an anthill

     It hasn't rained for quite sometime. All the grass had turned brown a week ago, leaving less competition for the weeds, some of which were tall enough to remind me of how long it'd been since I'd had to mow.  I was taking a break from my favorite hobby of shoveling dirt, and was filling up the drip bucket on my six lousy onions, when I noticed a large ant hill. 
     For some reason I can't quite fathom yet, I decided that I should give water to the ants.  They're far enough away from the house, I thought why not. Poor ants, right? They must be hurtin' too. So I set 'em up a water bottle, just heat a needle and poke a hole on the side, at the bottom, so the water trickles out slowly, like an ant size spring feeding an ant size creek. Turns out, ants drink water. Who knew?
    So I gave them a couple pieces of questionable toast. (Questionable toast is when you made toast for bfast, but didn't eat it, and later question it's eat-ability)  They powdered it first and then carried off the crumbs. Now it was on!
    Next they got half a chocolate chip cookie, which I had bought at the last pigeon show, questionable from the moment I first bit it. I'd shoved it into the depths of my backpack, where it remained for, let's just say too long to consider eating by the time I'd unearthed it. But the ants loved it. I gave it to them before work and it was gone when I got home, so I gave them the other half.
    The next morning I had a banana for bfast and I put a bite out for my pet ants. They didn't touch it. At all. They sniffed around it and moved on. I read online that people with ant prisons sometime make a sugar syrup feed them, said you ain't seen nuthin' till ya see an ant with a sugar buzz. Okay. So I made a sugar syrup like I was making sweet tea, but without the tea bags and put that in the drip bottle. They love the sweet stuff.  The sugar river was teeming with little black ants.
    I watered them the next morning and decided to wait and see if they would eat the now no question banana, if that's all there was to eat. When I got home the banana was being eaten by big RED ants. I hadn't seen them until today.  They weren't bothering the black ants as far as I can tell, but they wanted that ugly banana, which they seemed to be sharing with the flies.
    I'd figured I'd had enough fun starving the ants and should find something for them, so I found some horrible disgusting bright yellow banana flavored marshmallow peanut things which I would never eat in a quintillion years, and set one of them out for the ants.
    It was At That Very Moment, that I remembered to take some pictures for Instructables. It there a word for that? 
    I wish I could get a picture of the Cicada Killer that took up residence. Looks to me like he just hogged out part of the ants hill and moved on in.  Ants still crawl in and out of the enlarged entrance as the Killer comes and goes.  It seems like they all t tolerate each others existence, and somehow share water, food and space.
    I think the heat is gettin' to me.