Introduction: Ant Farm V1.0

Derived from thing 405278 on thingiverse.

I changed some of the measurements because my tubes aren't the same size as his.

This Antfarm is useful to antkeepers who don't want to spend half a day at feeding, cleaning, changing tubes, etc. You can just remove the tubes (whitout moisture) and empty them above the feeding area. Place a new tube and wait for the ants to destress!

What you need for mine:

Srews: 6 screws 3x20mm

MDF: 3mm

Plexiglass: 2mm and a small piece of 5mm

Small tubes: Outer diametre 12mm

Large tubes: inner diametre 19mm

Aquarium silicone.

Use a Lasercutter to cut your shapes.

Glue the plexi rings together with the aquarium silicone (non-toxic for ants).

Step 1: MDF

MDF 3mm thick.

The only MDF that is glued, is the blocking bar for the wedges.

The rest fit together or is screwed.

Step 2: Plexiglass

Plexi of 2mm and 5mm (only for the rings) thick.

The plexiglass is screwed together and to the MDF.

The plexi rings are glued together and to the plexiglass plate with the holes. Only the small rings are cut in 5mm thick plexi!! They should exceed 3mm from the plate (5mm - 2mm = 3mm).

You can make the larger rings in 5mm too but then you have to glue the small ones first to the plate, and then pass the larger rings over the small ones.

My small ones (and my holes) were just too small for the tubes (my bad). You can make only one ring if you want to but you'll have to draw them in Inskape or an other program.

Small rings: inner diametre = 13mm and outer diametre = 16.5mm

Large rings: inner diametre = 16.5mm and outer diametre = 19mm

The large tubes (length = 120mm) pass just over the large rings.

The small tube is used as the 'door' to the outside for the ants.