Introduction: Anti Alcohol Car Saftey System

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Now a day a lot of accidents occur due to the drunk driving and it need to stop people to drive after drunk.The

alcohol car safety system provide safety system that prevent such accident in intoxicated position.

This system uses the sensors and use it to detect the driver is intoxicated or not if it detect such thing then it automatically set the warning alert to driver that he is not in the position to drive the and this system automatically turn off the ignition of car.

Step 1: Shoping for the Parts Used.

  1. Arduino board(any)
  2. Alcohol sensor
  3. led light(optional for indication)
  4. Nokia 5110 lcd
  5. Buzzer
  6. Wires
  7. Relay

Step 2: Make the Connection As in Pic and in Schematics

connect the the Nokia LCD pin as follows

  • SCK - Pin 8

  • MOSI - Pin 9 //

  • DC - Pin 10 //

  • RST - Pin 11 //

  • CS - Pin 12

and connect the sensor out pin in pin 7 of Arduino and connect the relay and buzzer pin to Arduino pin 13

Make the connections stated above and as described in schematics pic above.

Step 3: Now Upload the Code to Arduino

Now downlode the code from link below and upload it to Arduino and your system is ready.

code downlode