Introduction: Anti-Cosmic Insignificance Suit

Have your feelings of cosmic insignificance started to get in the way of your daily activities? Create this suit. Once completed, you will begin to hear the soothing sounds captured from the Voyager 1 spacecraft in your left ear and your gut's bloops and bleeps in your right ear. With your brain as a sound mixer you will finally find unity between the tiny and the tremendous. And with it, peace.*

There are two elements to this suit. This Instructable will cover the creation of a matrix of 10 gut-amplifying "stethoscopes." A second Instructable will cover the headdress, including the receptor for the gut noises and an ear piece which will feature an electronics tutorial for the space noises.

Created by Rosie Weinberg and Laura Yona Zittrain during Fashion Hack Day's 2016 Fashion Tech Hackathon in Berlin during re:publica. This project was awarded 2nd Prize.


Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials!

You will need!


  • a drill
  • a 3mm drill bit
  • baby clamps
  • a screwdriver with a philips or hex head, depending on your bolts
  • pliers
  • laser cutter
  • 3D printer


  • 3mm diameter 20mm length bolts and 3mm nuts (to make the stetho sandwich)
  • 3mm diameter 12mm length bolts and 3mm lock nuts (for the hinge of the hinges)
  • 3mm diameter 10mm length bolts and 3mm nuts (to attach the hinge to the stetho holder)
  • wood glue
  • white spray paint
  • 1 sheet of 3mm plywood (at least 64cm by 42cm)
  • 6 meters of 3mm clear plastic tubing

Step 2: Print Your Stethos and Hinges

You will first need to print out 10 sets of stethos (both top and bottom) and 16 sets of hinges (both inner and outer) on your 3D printer. See files for download.

Step 3: Laser Cutting the Stetho Holder!

An hour or two before your 3D prints are finished, get your laser cut files ready! If you can, cut out all the pieces at once. See attached file.

Step 4: Assembly of the Stetho Holder

Once you have cut your stetho holders out of your 3mm plywood you must now assemble them using your wood glue and mini clamps. Clamps can be removed from stetho holders after approximately 40 minutes. For acoustic purposes* your stetho holders should vary in arrangement; some should be flat, some should look like little cups, and some should have caps. See diagram above.

Step 5: Spray Paint!

Spray paint your stetho holders. Make sure to follow the directions on your spray paint can. You will need 2-3 coats.

Step 6: Hinge Assembly

Assemble your hinges using the 3mm diameter 12mm long bolts and 3mm lock nuts. You must use a screwdriver and a set of pliers to tighten the bolt and lock nut. Make sure it is still loose enough that the hinge can, you know, hinge.

Step 7: Apply Your Stethos to the Stetho Holders

Grab your 3mm diameter 20mm long bolts and 3mm nuts and assemble your stethos with the stetho holder. You will notice in the photo that some of the stetho holders are open and unpainted; caps (to the left) will be wood glued on once the stethos are in place, n.b., wood glue works best on unpainted wood.

Step 8: Begin Final Assembly

Grab your drill and begin to lay out your assembled stetho holders. Drill as you go. Attach the hinges to the stetho holders one by one using 3mm diameter 10mm length bolt and 3mm nuts.

Tubing: You may add the tubing now, or wait until the end. Cut your tubing into equal half meter lengths. One end should pressure fit onto the stetho nipple. The other end will fit into the ear piece of the head dress (see next Instructable).

Step 9: Admire Your Work