Introduction: Anti Gravity Water

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This is a super easy science experiment for kids and adults. You can do it with your kids in very short time. Kids love those experiments and feel excited when they see that stuff happening in front of their eyes.

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Step 1: Setup

You can get nearly all the stuff from your kitchen.

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Empty Glass



Here, we added some Molasses to the water for coloring it to appear in camera. But you can just skip this.

Step 2: Try It Yourself

Put the water in the plate.

Break one match to be shaped like the letter (L).

Immerse the short part of the match in water.

Put the coin on it in the plate to make the match stands like the (L) letter in the water.

Now carefully light the match with another one and then quickly put the empty glass upside down on the lit match to cover it.

The match burns for one second and then it fades.

You notice how the water comes from the plate into the glass filling it against gravity.

Water fills the glass to nearly fifth of its volume.

Doesn't it remind you of something?

Step 3: Explanation

The empty glass is normally filled with air that consists of Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide and Oxygen.

Oxygen makes nearly 20% of the air. We know that it is necessary for combustion.

As the match is lit, it uses Oxygen in the glass until it is finished.

Then the match fire extinguishes.

This leaves 20% of the glass empty.

That generates vacuum in the glass and draws water into it.

When you pull the glass, the water is filled with new air and the water drops down into the plate.

Thank you for reading.

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