Introduction: Anti-Grief

For this you will need:

-Sticky Pistons

-Cobblestone( or any type of building material)

-Red stone

-Red stone Torch



Step 1: Roof

Start out with a roof of the size of your liking and leave a trail of cobblestone

Step 2: Piston

Place a rectangle of cobblestone and place 2 or more sticky pistons

Step 3: Redstone

Put the red stone behind the piston to connect it together

Step 4: Support

Add 2 more levels so the water can go there and the water at the top

Step 5: Stairs

Make stairs so the redstone can flow down

Step 6: Path

Make the redstone path and stop wherever you are

Step 7: Repeator

Put the repeaters down.

Step 8: Switch

Put a switch at the end so you can turn it off and on

Step 9: Test

Test your invention so you can see if it works

Step 10: Walls

Always protect your red stone from the water