Introduction: Anti-Procrastinator

Our world has shifted where all ages of people are glued to their phones. Sometimes, it can be so distracting and leading people to procrastinate on the work they need to get done. The Anti-Procrastinator is a device that allows people to break off their human-phone interaction addiction. This can be used when working, doing homework, or online classes. Phones have become an important part of people's lives and it's hard to focus when they are always nearby. Therefore, in order to be productive without the distraction of the phone if you put your device in the Anti-Procrastinator, it will be locked away. It will also and will sense your movement if you are trying to take it out of the container and send a text to someone whom you have chosen and are accountable to.


Step 1: Set Up Your Wire!

Your wiring should include your PIR sensor and your NodeMCU board. Wire it up to make your sensor work and your NodeMCU board to connect! Make sure the wiring is plugged all the way in and to change up the positions if you are not using NodeMCU but the Huzzah.

Step 2: Set Up Your Code!

Set up your code to connect your circuit to Adafruit IO and Arduino!

Step 3: Step Up Your IFTTT Plug-in

First, make sure to create Adafruit IO Web Feed and name it "command". Find your AIO key and insert it into your code. Check and make sure your data is responding. Then, step up your IFTTT id and create an applet. If this, add Adafruit and click on "Monitor feed on Adafruit IO". Then feed = command, equal to, 1. Then for "Then That" click on Android SMS and set up your message. Type in your phone number and connect!

Step 4: Grab a Jar!

First, find a jar from your home and decorate it if it is distracting! Thankfully, my jar did not need decorating because the sensor could not sense from the outside the jar despite it being see-through.

Step 5: Add Your Circuit to Your Jar!

Place your circuit inside the jar or where ever is best and tape it up together. Then, test it!

Step 6: Test Out Your Anti-Procrastinator!

Make sure to place your phone and try to take it out to see if you will receive a text message from your accountability person's phone! If yes, then success!

Step 7: The Anti-Procrastinator!

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