Introduction: Anti-Theft Alarm

Using a photoresistor to determine that the thing is been taken or not. If the thing is at the place, the machine will maintain normally. If the thing isn't at the place, the LED will light up and the speaker will make noise to let the owner notice.

Step 1: Preparing Materials

The items needed to create the Anti-Theft Alarm

1. Arduino

2. Computer or Charging

3. LED (Red)

4. Photoresistance

5. Resistor

6. Speaker

7. Wire

8. Cardboard

Step 2: Assemable the Materials

Following the picture to place each material in the right place. There are three main important things in the Arduino.

First (LED parts): It needs one LED, one Resistor, and two Wires to connect to it into the D12 (Digital pin) and negative place.

Second (Photoresistance parts): It needs one Photoresistance, one Resistor, and two Wires to connect it into the positive and negative place/ one Wire for A0.

Third or Last (Speaker parts): One speaker only D12 for positive, and the black wire of the speaker is for the negative place.

Step 3: Assemable the Code

Following the picture(using Code or Ardublock) to coding the code into the Arduino.

The Link of the code:

Step 4: Combine the Code and Materials Together

After we finishing coding and putting materials into the Arduino, we put all of this into a small box for decoration. And making shell and packaging to look it better.

Step 5: The Final Product