Anti-Yo Contest Entry 2

Introduction: Anti-Yo Contest Entry 2

Combo inspired by yuuki and rage with some of my stuff thrown in

Instructables and Anti-Yo WorldWide Video Contest

You should have a non-responsive yoyo with a good sleep time
You should also know the basics of yoing (tricks, mounts)

1. double laceration with pop back to trapeze
2. 1st part of soiled panties 2
3. do some random stuff
4. drop slack into green triangle
5. pop out of GT and do double whip
6. dismount and bind

good luck

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    4 Discussions

    bad apple
    bad apple

    12 years ago on Introduction

    the gods of yo-yoing have truly given you a great gift, my freind.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Great video. Every single yoyo video on Instructables rules. Great job, I hope to see more!