Ring of FiveA - Anti-Yo Worldwide Video Yoyo Contest Entry




Introduction: Ring of FiveA - Anti-Yo Worldwide Video Yoyo Contest Entry

this is a pretty easy trick for all levels of yo-yoers!
I call it the Ring of 5A!

Basically you will make a hoop with your counterweight yo-yo that you can spin round, pass from hand to hand, and finally break it apart and return the yo-yo to your hand.

Step 1: The Basic GreenTriangle Mount

send the yo-yo back over your throwhand wrist, and onto the bottom string.
Then let the string fall off your wrist into the green triangle as seen below:

Step 2: The Looping Bit...

In the main video you see me throwing a Green triangle suicide, just before i start the loops, this step is by no means necesary, so i won't explain it (its quite obvious how it works when you see it done - just practice)

Before you start the ball rolling, so to speak, pull the couterweight up and away from the yo-yo so there is some space between them. its important they never make contact.
Try to keep it all steady!

Then, shape your hand like a cylinder for the loop to spin round, and let it spin!!!
the bigger you can make the gap in your hand, the less chance the string will tangle.

See how long you can keep it going!
See how far up your arm it will go (elbow? Shoulder!?)
Pass it to a friend!
Under the leg! go crazy!

Step 3: The Dismount

To stop looping, put both hands inside the big loop, as its going up, and land the yo-yo between your hands onto the string below.

If you are lucky, the counterweight should just fall out of place, thereby releasing the green triangle, but you may have to push the counterweight over the top of the string if it has gotten slightly tangled.

Its not uncommon to have to push it over the string a few times before it will become undone, just be careful not to tilt the yo-yo...

Return it to your hand, and you have just completed the Ring Of 5A!!!


PS: And it only burns burns burns if you use a five kilo yo-yo (string-burn that is...)

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    I done the GT mont. but it snaged.
    how do i do it w/ out snaging?



    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Hi NinjaCat, you will need a very unresponsive yo-yo for this trick. The one I use in the video will not come back to your hand with just a tug (you need to bind it - See the very end of the vid), so it doesn't snag at all. What kind of yo-yo are you using?


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    hi again. It might help to remove one of the friction sticker inside the yo-yo. It will make it harder to get it back to your hand though...


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Well, I'm kind of good at the mount but my yoyo stop spinning, how come?


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    well i thing you will need a bigger cap for this tricks a cheap nice unresponsive yoyo is the plastic grindmachine if you are kinda into yoyoing i suggest getting that