Introduction: Anti-Yo Contest Entry: 4 in 1

I made this trick up when i was off sick from school.

I'll put it into steps:

1. Pinch the string about a quarter of the way down.

2. When you swing the yo yo over your non-throwhand wrist, make sure it goes to the side which is not facing you because if the yo yo lands between the two strands of string, it makes a NASTY knot!

3. Swing the yo yo through the two strands of string WHEN it is on the side furthest away from you.

4. Afterwards, rest the string on two of your fingers (one on each hand). (This should make the first trick, The Angel)

5. let go with your finger on your non-throwhand finger.

6. Pull and tighten. (this makes the second trick, The Y)

7. Wrap the string round the Y shape then drop the string on your throwhand. (This makes the third trick, The X)

8. Un-wrap the string.

9. Grab the string in the same place with your throwhand. (This makes the last trick. Anti Gravity Eiffel Tower)

10. To dismount, simply drop everything and return to your hand.

Trick: 4 in 1 (i made it up)
Yo Yo: Alchemy CU