Introduction: Simple Remote Controlled Bot

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  • Hello everyone, This is Sai Jayanth.This is my 1st working model instructable that i have prepared.This working model was prepared by me due to some aspects.I have seen water polluting due to industrial wastes releasing into water bodies,lack of oxygen due to deforestation, power outages due to lack of power production, lack of hydrogen and uncleanliness by throwing unworkable and unusable things etc.,.Based on mentioned above factors, this working model is prepared.The name of this working model is"MINI BOT". This Mini Bot is prepared by the help of my friend siddhardha and by the help of my sister gayathri with using unwanted materials and it is completed within Rs. 200/- only (nearly 3$).It is very useful for environment and living organisms both animals and humans.

Step 1: Things Required

(1)materials required

1.3 T-shaped pipes with syringe

2.a small sized bottle with a hole at bottom

3.2 motors connected with two scales

4.a remote controller with remote

5.2 HW batteries with clip(holder)

6.2 LEDs (according to your opinion colour.I used yellow)

7.2 tires (small in size)

8.2 tires (big in size)

9.Wires for connections

10.2 bottle caps and 2 DC motors.

(2)tools required glue gun

2.soldering iron

3.screw driver kit

4.double tape and general tape

5.marker and some instruments

Step 2: Procedure of System

1.attach the white bottle to the motor shown in figure.don't get confuse that two motors are connected with two scales up and, attach bottle to upper scale.

2.connect one syringe and one small two sides sharped pencil in either side of the T-shaped pipes.connect two T- shaped pipes like above.

3.Fill the white bottle with char coal and keep a water filter paper at top of the bottle. connect two T-shaped pipes to either side of one T-shaped pipes to form like a letter H.

5.make sure that pencil other end should come out so, you have to connect two wires to shaped part of the pencils.

6.keep a hole to middle T-shaped pipe as shown in the figure to inlet waste water to purify it.

7.keep the syringe in the hole made to bottle to outlet the fresh water when piston in syringe was pulled.keep hot glue to make sure that there is no water leakage.

8. also keep hot glue to bottle to the scales of motor. connect middle T-shaped pipe to the white bottle and cover the joint with M-seal. we have completed upper part of the robot(mini bot) except the controller.

Step 3: Completion

1.keep a DC motor near the motors connected with not touch the tire of DC motor to scales.

2.the mother board in the figure is booster which converts 9v to more than, i used it for electrolysis process.

3.the two caps with LEDs used for eyes in the robot.

4.keep the controller back of the robot (bot) means connect to white bottle back side and connect the wires of motors for operating the robot with remote.

5.connect the switch and battery to the controller .so that when we on the switch , the bot start working.

6.Insect a cone in which we had made a hole and keep hot glue to it.(as shown in the figure)

7.connect the wires which were already connected to end of pencil to booster.

8.make a joule thief charger.the circuit was given in pictures. I think that you can make that.If can't see joule thief charger in instructables.

9.connect the charger to the DC motor we attached and to the battery . so that we can store the energy produced by the by motor.(DC-motor will rotate as dynamo when we operate the bot)

10.connect other two wires of booster to another switch and to the battery to convert 9v to 110v.

11.we can use the 110v for our use or for electrolysis.

12.connect all the parts in a systematic,that we can understand which wire is connected to which part.

Step 4: Conclusion(explanation)

1.when we pour waste water in the yellow cone we get the pure water from the syringe connected to bottle.because char coal will kill all the harmful micro organisms in the,we get fresh water.

2.when children play with RC cars ,lots of energy get wasted for motors of the car.but in this bot energy is wasted for motors but we get energy from dynamo(DC motor)

3.when electrolysis occur in the bot ,the bond between 2H2 and O2 will brake down and we get oxygen and hydrogen.hydrogen is useful in labs and as fuel in rockets and we breath oxygen.,we can use waste water as hydrogen and oxygen producer and for purifying it.

5.It is eco-friendly to nature because i used waste materials and made a useful bot.It is used as RC(remote control) bot or keeping in showcase.

6.It is completed within Rs 200/-.

7.It is a best out of waste.

8.we can use the 110v to a light or fan during power cut.

Step 5: Importance or Uses

1.the plate given to the bot on the front is to carry small loads from one place to another place in order to help their,children does not sit in front of computer and waste their time and they not spoil their minds.with enthusiasm they run and play with this bot.

2.As I said that it is opposite to human qualities in three ways

(1)human drink fresh water and release waste water.but it take waste water and give fresh water.

(2)human need energy for his survival but it will give 110v energy or current.

(3)human need oxygen but it will produce oxygen by waste water.

3.there is a small brush in back of bot that cleans the floor when children playing with bot.

4.many robots invented which consume energy but these bot gives energy.

5.many robots were invented for war purpose but it is introduced for disaster occured place because it take waste water their itself and give drinking water in emergency and give power to ham radio in emergency and release oxygen to the environment for people who can't breath well. is a new technology robot which is very useful for people.

"So you will also say that it is very useful for upcoming generations"

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