Anti-yo Video Contest-Wide-eyes in a Convention Seat

Introduction: Anti-yo Video Contest-Wide-eyes in a Convention Seat

1. Set up yo-yo for offstring with counterweight on the knot end
2. Offstring throw
3. Somersault over freehand and keep string over finger
4. Throw die away from body towards freehand and allow it to make a complete circle around yo-yo string
5. Grab string closest to throw hand and perform an underpass
6. Rotate entire mount in a path towards throwhand once in front and once behind the throwhand
7. Release die away from body towards throwhand and allow the die to complete two circles before catching again.
8. This clears the mount
9. Perform a somersault
10. Using the momentum slide your throwhand down the string towards its freehand while popping the yo-yo up
11. Using the counterweighted string catch the yo-yo and catch the die
12. Allow a free somersault and catch the die and unwrap the string while popping the yo-yo straight up
13. Catch the yo-yo in an open mount and return.
14. Flow and the blending on one move with the next helps with the total effect of the trick.

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    3 Discussions


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Its a game which amuses lot of different ages of people, no matter what's their age is. It has been played from centuries. The Fluchs was the first yo yo produced by Anti Yo. The Fluchs had a Contrasting Pink and black halves. It also had a special coating to reduce friction during palm grinds. The video is simply superb.



    12 years ago on Introduction

    You were supposed to print out the Anti-Yo thing, but still it's a cool video.
    It looks really hard to do... I wish I was that good.
    Very good job!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    It gave the option to place it in the video as a slide if an individual does not have access to a printer. Its what I get for doing at midnight. Thanks for the comments:). I'm kind of a pro. I'm sponsored by SaveDeth but I'm no Higby or Doctor Popular.