Introduction: Antique Leather Growler Carrier

Antique Leather Growler Carrier

OK, Well I needed something better to carry my 4 growlers back and forth from the fill shop than a cardboard box.


· Leather

· Tape Measure/ruler

· Exacto Knives or HD Scissors

· Waxed thread and awl for handstiching or Leather sewing machine

· Leather Dye

· Modpodge

· Shellac Spray

· Dream Weaver stencil paste

· Elmers Glue or like glue to act a Gesso for gold leaf

· Gold Leaf

· Stencils

· Spray Adhesive


Step 1: Cut the Pieces

Cut the pieces:

Bottom – 12” x 12” square

Sides – 12” x 6” rectangles (4)

Straps – 2” x 24” rectangles (2)

Step 2: Assembly


Sew opposite sides first across the bottom all the way across

Sew the other set of opposite sides to ½” of the other pieces. This is to give you some adjustment as you start sewing up the sides forming a box.


I did not know how I wanted to accomplish this. The first idea was to sew the edges to the body of the leather box and leave the straps open. I decided that it would look better if the straps were sewed all the way up. I suggest you sew the straps all the way up leaving the last three inches open to attach to the box. This would have made my life a lot easier.

Step 3:

Dye the leather how you wish and let it dry.

Step 4: Stencil and Gold Leafing

Gold leafing:

I create a stencil and then used spray adhesive to allow it to stick to the leather. Using the gold dream weaver paste – cover the stencil liberally trying to not force the paste under the stencil. I wanted a rugged look to the stencil that allowed the gold leaf to have more character.

Let the paste dry and clean off the stencil.

Reattach the stencil to use as a guide for gluing. Apply the glue and then remove the stencil.

Apply the gold leaf to the glued area gently. Using a dry brush work the area in a circular pattern pushing the gold leaf into the shape of the design.

Step 5: Finishing

After the gold leafing is dry, apply a healthy layer of Modpodge. Yes, it will be sticky after it dries. Then you coat with spray shellac to finish and harden the leather so it can be handled. The idea behind the modpodge is to build up a layer of wear if you will. I wanted something that looked like it has been in the family for years. The project turned out well. Thanks, Carl