Introduction: Antique Style French Baguette Box

A box used to store baguettes in a French style. I saw some online going for around £75-90, so thought I may as well make my own for cheaper. It worked!

Tools and Materials:
-Pine       -PVA
-Saw       -Briwax
-Router   -Hammer and nails

The pine boards were cut to length, in the front board the love heart shape was cut using a template i made for the router then the edges rounded off. The heart and design at the top was cut by hand with a saw and then rounded off. All the pieces are butted, glued and nailed to hold them together. The lid is fixed with a piano hinge so there is nothing too obvious sticking out. All is finished off and rubbed down with briwax to give a darker colour and shine and to also protect it from moisture.
The hole is covered with some red gingham to let air in but keep flies out.

The box would happily fit 4-5 baguettes (if you like a lot of bread)
Thanks for looking. :)

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