Introduction: Anxiety Necklace

This necklace displays a person's anxiety level according to body temperature. There is a temperature sensor placed on the back of the neck to get accurate readings. According to these readings, the RGB LED placed within the necklace locket will light up in different colours.

For this project, the lilypad Arduino was used. It is also placed at the back of the necklace. This is a piece that accentuates your feelings as an extension of yourself through the light in the necklace. Enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Materials for a Necklace

Step 2: Here Are the List of Parts You Need

I used the Arduino LilyPad, and the RGB light as well as the LilyPad temperature sensor

Step 3: Plan Out Which Lights You Want to See Light Up

also make sure you make the connections you need to make

Step 4: Make Small Fabric Pouches

These will help to cover the tempreture sensor as well as the lilypad

Step 5: See It Light Up!

The necklace changes colour according to your body temperature.

white=calm (optimal body temp)

yellow=agitated (warm)

orange=nervous (hot)

red=Extremely nervous (very hot)

Step 6: CODE!

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