Introduction: Any Remote Controlled Car Using Arduino

As this is my first instructable I tried my best. This car is made using arduino without any motor sheild or ics. This rover can be controlled using any remote. Firstly we need to decode the remote for code. I used my stb remote to control my car. Sorry for the poor quality of the images.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Requirements.

1. Arduino
2. half sized breadboard
3. Ir receiver ( you can use any receiver)
4. BO motor x2 (with mounting brackets and screws)
5. BO wheel x2
6. Castar wheel
7. Wood to mount all things. ( If you have any chasis kit you can use it.)
8. 5V relay x2
9. 6v buzzer
10. 9v battery x2
11. led x2 ( You can use any colour of your choice.)
12. few jumper wires.

1. Screw drivers
2. Computer with arduino IDE installed.
3. Usb 2.0 to Usb A cable
4. Double sided foam tape

Step 2: Mounting Motors and Wheels

Mount the motors using mounting brackets using the screws provided with the brackets. Then mount the castar wheel exactly at the center of front portion. Fix the wheel using a screw. Make a hole and bring the wire up.

Step 3: Mount Arduino and Bread Board.

Mount the Arduino and breadboard using double sided foam tape.

Step 4: Connections.

connect the components using jumper wires.As in above diagram.

Step 5: Decoding Remote Signals.

First connect the Ir sensor to arduino.
Vcc = 5
Gnd = Gnd
Out = Pin 2

Upload the code attached below.

Open the serial monitor.
The code will look something like this.

6F9FA05 - Up
6F91AE5 - Right
6F99A65 - Left
6F948B7 - Off.
Then, convert these hexadecimal codes to decimal using the link below.

The converted result,
6F9FA05 - 117045765
6F91AE5 - 116988645
6F99A65 - 117021285
6F948B7 - 117000375.

Step 6: Final Programming

Then change only the decoded code in the fomllowing code and upload it to your board.

Enjoy playing.

Once again sorry for the poor quality of the images.

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