Introduction: Anywhere- Luminaire- Extraordinaire- Freeware

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Totally portable, and totally free if you're good at asset recovery, this battery operated LED light has, at it's heart, the giveaway Harbor Freight lamp so often featured on the discount coupons they print. An old computer monitor provides the stand and attachment plate, and a microwave oven magnet provides for removable mounting. I use it in the shop when illuminating finely detailed layout work, and the wife grabs it up when doing her puzzles, crafts, etc. at the hobby table, and since the self- contained batteries mean no plug- in tether, it's detachable flashlight is handy when needed elsewhere.

Step 1: Improve the Lamp

Simply epoxy a magnetron's doughnut magnet to the back of the lamp, that's it!

Step 2: Adapt the Stand

A trashed monitor provided the main supportive elements for this project. I removed the internal mounting plate from the rear cover, saving all relevant hardware and took it to my bench vise for a quick little bending session. Clamping it about 1/3 down from the top, and using a wood block to soft blow the workpiece, I carefully drove the plate into about a 30 degree angle by eye and remounted it to the pedestal base.

Step 3: Range of Motion

By switching between the two plate angles and pivoting the plate itself, a pretty useful range of area can be illuminated. Of course if a particular item requires focused light, a prop under the base is all that's needed to answer the need.

Step 4: Parting Thoughts

Whether illuminating an area of a dark room, or working under the sink, or simply reading a book, this little project meets any demand for highly portable temporary light with ease and flexibility, and of course the price is simply unbeatable too.