Introduction: Aperture Weighted Companion Cube Shirt

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So I know I am a little behind on the portal craze.
But I only recently stumbled upon a copy of the game and took the time to actually play it.
So anyway, since I am now officially a fan, I made this t-shirt.

I was going to add the pink lines running vertically and horizontally, but then I realised I forgot to buy pink ribbon.
So for now I am leaving them out. May add them on at a later stage.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

2 shirts of the same cut and size, 1 grey + 1 black (or darker grey)
a piece of pink fabric for the heart (and lines)

a pen/pencil to mark the fabric and shirt
fabric scissors
a brush
fabric glue

cardboard to put inside the shirt when glueing

Step 2: Cutting the Shapes

Take the grey shirt and place it neatly on a hard surface
On the inside of the shirt draw out where you want the shapes to go in the final shirt. 

I drew them on only one side of the shirt so that when I cut them they would be more symmetrical.
This method does mean that you will have to be careful not to move the fabric as you cut.

Step 3: Cutting

Use the fabric scissors to neatly cut out the shapes from the grey t shirt. Remember not to cut the seams of the sides and shoulder of the shirt, this will make it more cohesive in the end.

At this point you may also want to cut the label out of the shirt

Step 4: Glueing

Now take the black shirt and slide it onto a large piece of cardboard.

Then glue the inside of one of the shapes you have just cut out. Be mindful to get the glue all the way into the corners.

Now gently place the grey shape on the black shirt lining op the seams. Press down and make sure there are no air-bubbles in the glue.

Continue this process with all of the pieces.

Step 5: The Heart

Cut out 2 heart shapes from the piece of pink fabric.

Place this heart on the left over of the grey shirt and draw a circle around it. Make sure the circle is large enough.
Cut out this circle twice.

Now glue the pink hearts on their respective grey circles.

Step 6: DONE !!!

glue the heart-circles in the centre of the shirt in the front and back respectively.

Let the glue dry for at least 24hours before trying on your shirt, you don't want things to shift.
It is recommended to rinse the shirt in cold water after 24hours to prevent excess glue from sticking to your skin when wearing your new top.

This is why there is no pic of me wearing it yet. I am allowing it full dry time.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed

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