Introduction: Appa Sculpture

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I was recently introduced to Avatar: The Last Airbender and am now obsessed. Being the creator that I am, I knew I had to do a craft with Appa.



Sculpey Clay

Acrylic Paint

Possibly some spackle

Step 1: Creating the Skeleton

Unless you want to use a buttload of clay, you're going to need to make the head and body out of tinfoil. Simply make two lumps and roll them into balls to create the skeleton of Appa. Make sure to make the body bigger than the head.

Step 2: Adding the Clay

Cover the tinfoil with a thin layer of Sculpey and make the pieces. You need hair, nose, eyes, a mustache shape for the mouth, a paddle shape for the tail, and 6 marshmallow shaped bits for the legs. Smooth the clay together when adding it so it doesn't fall off. Enforce the head as well. Bake the clay.

Step 3: Paint and Display!

Paint Appa with a cream color. Add the distinct stripes and arrow to finish. Display proudly!

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