Introduction: Apple 1988 Mouse USB

Hi ,

This is my third instructable and i hope you love it !

Today i want to re-use an old ( 1988 ) Apple mouse .

Step 1: Prepare All !

I find the Apple mouse in my "garage" , and i buy for 2.74 usd an optical mouse ( on ebay).

I prepare the Apple mouse by clean the interior with my dremell ,

I make a hole on the Apple logo , and glue the part of the optical device.

Step 2:

On the electronic of the usb mouse , i'm soldering some cables to put the switch and the blue led outside the circuit board.

I change the cable , because the new cable was black and it's not the same color of the Apple mouse !

I put a small piece of black plastic on the "Apple" hole.

Step 3:

I cut a small piece of this white foam to glue under the circuit board ,

I put all in the Apple mouse , glue all the elements .

Close the box ...

Step 4:

Et voila !!

An new-old Apple Mouse USB !!

This mouse works great , with the same noise when you click ( it's a coincidence) but only the left clic ! (Perhaps it's good for some persons ...)

Thanks for your attention , and see you later for new aventures .