Introduction: Apple-Cake in a Jar for Lazy Bakers

My Girlfriend loves Cakes and i love to make things in Jars so we decided to make them in jars that she can eat one whenever she wants to.

Step 1: The Indrigents

You need:

-150g Butter

-150 Sugar ( i used brown sugar and white sugar 50/50)

-3 Eggs

-1 shot apple liqeur

-200g flour

- a pinch of baking powder

-3 Apples

-6 or 7 Jars

Step 2: Before You Make the Dough ...

...You have to clean the Jars so you can put them instantly in the oven

I cleaned them with soapwater and then a second time with clear water.

In the meantime my Girlfriend peeled and cut two of the apples into small pieces, the third in quarters.

Step 3: The Butter and the Shugar

After preparing the Jars and the apples i made the dough.

My butter came directly from the fridge so it was too hard to continue. To solve this Problem i cut the butter in small pieces and put theminto the microwave.

After that i weighed the sugar into the bowl and added the eggs.

Step 4: Mixing Jayyyy

Now you mix it and if its a creamy mass you add the apple liqeur. Again, mixing. Dont worry if it looks a bit weird, when you finally add the flour it will look normally. I added the half of the flour, mixed it and added the other half.

Step 5: Final Mixing and Filling the Jars

Now i added the small apple-pieces and mixed it for the last time.

I took the jars and filled them a liitle more than half. Then i took the big apple-pieces and cut them like a hand fan and put them on top of the dough.

Step 6: Baking and Sealing the Jars

I heated the furnance to 150 Degrees Celsius and baked the open jars about 30 minutes.

I took the lids and heated them in hot water. When the cakes were baked i took them and closed them instantly. After that i turnded hem upside down and let them cool.

It is possible that the jars don´t close well, 2 of my 6 hadn´t closed so we ate them :D

but the other 4 stayed good for about 2 month.

Thanks for reading, I´ll be happy if you report grammatical or spelling errors to me, enlish is not my native language.

If you like this instructable i may post other reciepts for meals in Jars.

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