Apple-Cake in a Jar for Lazy Bakers

Introduction: Apple-Cake in a Jar for Lazy Bakers

My Girlfriend loves Cakes and i love to make things in Jars so we decided to make them in jars that she can eat one whenever she wants to.

Step 1: The Indrigents

You need:

-150g Butter

-150 Sugar ( i used brown sugar and white sugar 50/50)

-3 Eggs

-1 shot apple liqeur

-200g flour

- a pinch of baking powder

-3 Apples

-6 or 7 Jars

Step 2: Before You Make the Dough ...

...You have to clean the Jars so you can put them instantly in the oven

I cleaned them with soapwater and then a second time with clear water.

In the meantime my Girlfriend peeled and cut two of the apples into small pieces, the third in quarters.

Step 3: The Butter and the Shugar

After preparing the Jars and the apples i made the dough.

My butter came directly from the fridge so it was too hard to continue. To solve this Problem i cut the butter in small pieces and put theminto the microwave.

After that i weighed the sugar into the bowl and added the eggs.

Step 4: Mixing Jayyyy

Now you mix it and if its a creamy mass you add the apple liqeur. Again, mixing. Dont worry if it looks a bit weird, when you finally add the flour it will look normally. I added the half of the flour, mixed it and added the other half.

Step 5: Final Mixing and Filling the Jars

Now i added the small apple-pieces and mixed it for the last time.

I took the jars and filled them a liitle more than half. Then i took the big apple-pieces and cut them like a hand fan and put them on top of the dough.

Step 6: Baking and Sealing the Jars

I heated the furnance to 150 Degrees Celsius and baked the open jars about 30 minutes.

I took the lids and heated them in hot water. When the cakes were baked i took them and closed them instantly. After that i turnded hem upside down and let them cool.

It is possible that the jars don´t close well, 2 of my 6 hadn´t closed so we ate them :D

but the other 4 stayed good for about 2 month.

Thanks for reading, I´ll be happy if you report grammatical or spelling errors to me, enlish is not my native language.

If you like this instructable i may post other reciepts for meals in Jars.

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    7 years ago

    Since English isn't your first language, here's a quick tip: with cake, we usually use the term "batter" instead of "dough", which is used for bread, cookies, and pastry. They usually represent very different textures, with batters being much softer and wetter. Feel free to delete this when or if you decide to fix the instructions. Either way, you got my vote!


    7 years ago

    This recipe looks great, especially for a first go! I'm saving this to try myself.

    Is this like the brownie in a mug recipe?

    Because if it is I would love to make it since I can't eat chocolate ^^


    Reply 7 years ago

    sorry for the misleading title, it is like baking a whole big cake but you can store it an amount of time and eat kind of fresh cake whenever you want
    i tried it because i dont eat a whole cake before it gets bad and wanted to have not the big amount of work everytime i want to eat cake


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea for cake! I'm surprised the cake stayed good for up to 2 months, I'll have to try this.