Introduction: Apple Device Boot Loop Fix

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So you can't clone a sheep, you can't own the original "Mona Lisa", you can't have Kim Kardashian, and you're probably not likely to ever drive a Luna Rover on the moon. But.....don't dispair, you can achieve an experience that's in the same ultimate class — you can get yourself an Apple Device.

To take full advantage of your Apple device you would have no doubt jailbroken your device and installed a number of tweaks. Its not uncommon at some point in time to have your iDevice stuck at the Apple logo, trying to boot to homescreen and failing and then rebooting infinitely. This is the infamous boot loop problem. There are many things that can cause this but in most cases it might be due to a problem with some cydia tweak or you used your iDevice until the battery got low and the device sutdown on its own and was not shut down manually. So therefore the device keeps trying to boot up soon as it has some battery power. Problem is, its gone beyond a certain point and now and there isn’t enough battery life to boot to springboard or home screen after apple logo.

Right - what do you have to do to fix that boot loop problem you say? its quite easy actually - first thing you have to do is to get a little white hamster and at midnight head into a forest near you and look for a place where two roads intersect. At the crossroads place your Apple iOS device down on the ground and slit the hamster's throat and sprinkle blood on the device's screen while chanting this ancient latin incantation "Fixia Boot-Loopicus!". Say this three times and your device will be automatically fixed!

(Just Kidding! that's not how you actually fix the boot loop problem - read further to learn how to actually fix this problem. But then again I've never tried it but the 'Hamster' method might actually work!)

Step 1: Installing the "Remove All Cydia Tweaks" Utility

In a nutshell this method is all about wiping all the cydia tweaks off your device but at the same time still maintaining your jailbreak and personal App data and files. We will be acessing the device via SSH and as such you will need to have OpenSSH from cydia installed and enabled. Connect your device to your PC and keep iFunbox ( running. You will notice that your device will connect in iFunbox during the boot loop for about 30 seconds or so before disconecting and rebooting again. Now download the 'remove all tweaks' utility by iLex ( . Extract iLexRat.deb file to your desktop. During the 30 seconds or so that your device shows up in iFunbox quickly navigate to var/root/Media/ and create the folder Cydia/AutoInstall (if not already created). During the next window period you have access to the device paste the iLex RAT .deb into the var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall folder. Doing so will mean during the next reboot the iLex RAT utility will be installed on your device.

Step 2: Installing Python & Usbmuxed

Download usbmuxed from ( ) and extract it to C drive using winrar.

Download python ( ) and install to

C:\usbmuxd-1.0.8\python-client folder.

Copy the files inside that folder to the Python 2.6 folder(this depends on the python version you have

- if you have python 2.7 then you copy to that folder)

Go to the C:\usbmuxd-1.0.8\python-client\Python26 folder and on windows hit: CTRL + SHIFT

and right click, now select “open command window here”

Now copy this code and paste with right clicking and hitting the paste button:

python2.7.exe -t 22:2222

Again this depends on the version of Python that you have installed - if you have version 2.6 then the

code will be

python2.6.exe -t 22:2222

If you sucessfully do this stage then the command window (see image) will say "Forwarding to local

port 2222"

Step 3: Configuring the PuTTY Utility

Download putty from ( )

On putty, enter Host Name as and Port as 2222.

Select connection type as SSH and click Open.

Step 4: SSH Via USB

Now you are connected to iPhone over SSH.

Type the username as root and the password as alpine (if you have changed it then use the passsword you set) to log into the iPhone.

Step 5: Running ILex RAT

After you have successfully logged into the device as a superuser then type "rat". This should display the iLex RAT menu and you can choose the appropriate action. I recommend option 1 - remove all cydia app tweaks at once. After completing the remove all cydia tweaks operation your device should reboot automatically and when it comes into being it should be out of the boot loop.

*The need for speed during this operation*

since the boot looping device will only be accessible for about 30 secs or so before disconnecting - step 3, 4 and 5 should be done very quickly. if you're not quick enough just start again from step 3.

Step 6: Alternate Scenario - Low Battery Boot Loop Fix

If you used your iDevice until the battery got low and the device sutdown on its own and was not shut down manually you would be in a "low battery boot loop". The fix is as follows :

Plug into wall socket to get it charging.

Wait until the apple logo appears and wants to boot up.

QUICKLY hold down home button and reset/ sleep button at the same time until it reboots.

Release buttons now. should now power down and reboot

Repeat this multiple times thats anywhere from 80 to 90 times - do it for about 60 minutes in duration everytime you see the logo appear on the screen.

Now Let iDevice boot up fully, should see home screen with about 2% battery life

QUICKLY hit the rest/ sleep button down for about 2 to 5 seconds.

Swipe the screen to when slider appears to switch off the iDevice.

This will now power down the iDevice which now will not reboot by itself so it can now charge

without any interruption’s.

Allow battery to charge for a least an hour or two without trying to put it on.

Switch the iDevice on

You should now have about 10 to 20% battery Life

Power it down again by holding the reset/ Sleep button down again and swipe the screen to power down,

let it charge fully to 100% now which will take few hours

**** Alternate Version ****

1. Plug in the charger

2. When the Apple logo appears, unplug the charger

3. As soon as you see the home screen appear, plug the charger back in. You need to do

this quickly as the home screen only shows for a split second

4. The loading wheel should appear and shut down the iDevice

5. Leave the iDevice for a good hour or two just to get some battery life. When you boot the idevice

again you will see it at about 30% battery. shut it down manualy and then use as normal