Apple Hot Chocolate

Introduction: Apple Hot Chocolate

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This a new twist on the classic hot beverage of hot chocolate. It adds two very awesome things... apple and hot chocolate. 

Now let me show you how to make this tasty treat...

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:

Nesquik/Hot Chocolate Mix
2 Spoons 
Apple Jelly
Measuring Cup

Step 2: The Milk and Heating the Milk

In this step you will (A. Pour the milk and (B. Heat the milk in the microwave.

A. Pour 1 cup of milk into a measuring cup.

B. Put the measuring cup in the microwave for 1:00 Minute (or to specified temperature). Then stir.

Step 3: Mix the Chocolate and Milk

In this step you will (A. Pour the Nesquik/Hot Chocolate mix into a mug and (B. Mix the milk with the Nesquik/Hot Chocolate Milk.

A. Pour 2 tablespoons into the mug.

B. Mix the hot milk and the chocolate together. Don't stir yet.

Step 4: The Ceremony of Apple Jelly

Now is time for the moment of truth The Ceremony of the Apple Jelly... 

You will take 1 spoon and take a heaping spoon full of apple jelly and put into your hot chocolate.
Now is the part where you stir it all together.

Add apple jelly to taste.

For even better results put the stuff in a blender to create a better mixture of apple jelly and hot chocolate.

Step 5: You're Done!!!

Now enjoy your Apple Hot Chocolate and when you finish your hot chocolate you have little tiny apple jelly chunks in the bottom of your cup! Enjoy!

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