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Introduction: Apple Infused Brandy

When you have tart apples make Apple Infused Brandy! Best to use organic tart variety. A friend went apple picking on the side of the road and got these. So I don't know the name of the variety.

What you'll need

a bunch of tart apples (I used around 2 lbs)

Store bought brandy (I used a 1 Liter $16 bottle)

1 Cup of Sugar (I used organic)

Knife & Cutting board

Food Processor w/ Slicing or Shredding blade (Optional)

Cinnamon sticks, Whole Cloves (Optional)

Large Jar with Lid (I used a 8 cup mason jar)

Food grade bucket with pouring spout OR Large bowl or Pot and ladle and funnel

Straining bag of choice (see step 5)

Step 1: Prepare Your Apples

Wash your apples, then core them. No fancy coring technique here unless you want to. Leave the skins ON!

You'll want your apples to be sliced thin. So its your choice on how to do that. Slice them thin with your knife or use a Food Processor w/ either the slicing blade or shredding blade. I used the shredding blade.

Step 2: Add to Jar

Make sure you clean your jar really well. I happen to make wine so I used B-Brite cleanser. If you have a disinfecting cycle on your dish washer, do that. If you don't have either then wash the jar really well with dish detergent and really hot water.

Place your sliced apples, 1 Cup of Sugar and pour as much brandy in as your jar will hold. I left my jar 3/4 full of shredded apples and was able to pour the full liter in the jar.

Seal your jar and shake. You'll shake it once a day for the next few days and then as often as you can remember for 2 weeks. Store it out of the light at room temperature or cooler.

Step 3: Add Some Flavor

This part is totally optional. I decided to wait 2 weeks before adding additonal flavors as I wanted the apple to be more pronounced.

I added 3 Cinnamon Sticks. You could add less (i don't recommend more unless you want a fire ball effect) or add whole cloves or whole nutmeg. Up to you.

Reseal the jar and shake. Shake once a day for the next 3 days and as often as you can remember for the next 2 weeks.

Step 4: Taste Test

After a full 4 weeks its time to taste. Unseal your jar and carefully pour a little into a glass. If the taste profile is what you are looking for its time for the next step. If not, reseal and shake and let it set for up to another month.

As for me, it was perfect. Apple pie start with a brandy finish.

Step 5: Time to Strain

Since I make wine I have a straining bag (notice the tannin stains) and a food grade bucket with pouring spout.

You could use a fine mesh bag, nylon stocking (never tried this myself) or cheese cloth. I suppose you could use a regular colander if your apples were sliced thin with a knife.

Have someone assist you if needed. Pour your jar of apple brandy through your staining bag of choice into your large bowl/bucket/pot. Most of my apples remained in the jar, which is a good thing. You do not want to squeeze the bag. But letting the bag drip is OK. I let my bag drip for less then 10 minutes. You do not want any apple pieces in your finished product.

At this point you could strain it again with a cheesecloth to get out any fine particles which would be noticeable upon settling. If you are making gifts with this then you may want to. Hubby and I are drinking this so the settling doesn't matter to us.

Step 6: Transfer Back to Bottle

Next, transfer your apple brandy back to its original bottle OR any clean bottle(s) you want.

If you don't have a handy dandy spout on your bucket, then use a ladle and funnel to assist with the transfer.

There you have it, yummy delicious Apple Infused Brandy!

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    4 years ago

    You can use a grain straining bag from a home-brew store.

    How about put the apples in a blender, strain and add to the brandy? It seems like a possible short cut?


    7 years ago

    Have you tried to add a clarifying agent like Bentonite Clarit or Irish Moss?