Introduction: Apple Logo Ipod Sock

When I'm not Using my iPod I always keep it nice and cozy in one of these Socks. My iPod is always warm and ready to go. I started making these last year around this time. It's an excellent present to give to friends and family on any ocassion. Well... Let's get started!

Step 1: Supplies

The Supplies You Need Are:

1. Two different color felts ( one for the background color, one for the apple logo)
2. Sissors
3. Matching Threads for the Felts
4. A Needle
5. Ruler

Step 2: Making a Template

You need to make an Apple Logo Template unless you want to go free hand all over the innocent felt. :o 

1. Get an image of the Apple Logo from somewhere.
         Whether it be Google Images or Off a Itunes Giftcard anything will work.
2.  If you are brave like me, hehe... You can just look at the logo and free hand it on the paper.
Or, you can print out the picture.

3. Cut out the Logo

Step 3: The Background

Cut out the desired size depending on your ipod model. Mine is for the Ipod Touch 2g 16GB.

1. Put Your Ipod on the Felt
2. Flip it over for the other side of the sock.
3. Leave some Space for the Seam ( Where you will be sewing)
4. Cut it out

Step 4: Cutting Out the Logo

1. Pin The Logo Onto the felt
2. Trace it with a white crayon ( depending on what color felt you use)
3. Cut It Out

Step 5: Sewing on the Logo

1. Place the logo in the middle of the felt on the right side
2.. Sew On the Logo
           I sewed it by hand so I used very small stitches. If you sew it on a sewing machine it will go by much faster.

Step 6: Finish It Up!!

1. Turn the sock inside out so that the stiches will be neater
2. Sew It UP!! ( Except for the top of course) 

Step 7: TADAAA!!!

This Is The Finished Sock
Hope You Enjoy It!
This Is My First Instructable and I hope to make more next week!

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