Introduction: Apple Logo Pewter Casting


1. Fusion 360

2. Picture of the mold that you want to make, or a sketch of your design

3. MDX40A Printer

4. Pewter

5. Flame Fast ( Pewter Melter)

6. Sand Paper

7. Polish

8. Goggles (for safety)

9. Apron (for safety)

10. Gloves (for safety)

11. Barrel Polish

12. Resin if you would like to color it

Step 1: 1st Step: Choosing Your Design

Choose the picture of the wanted design or draw one of even sketch one on Fusion 360, and it's free it can be downloaded.

Step 2: 2nd Step: Create

Start creating a cube 160 mm

Click on image and decal

Select a face

Step 3: 3rd Step: Uploading an Image

Upload image from your laptop

Step 4: 4th Step: Tracing

Reduce opacity to trace

Play with the size and make it the size you want

Modify it press and pull

Step 5: 5th Step: Finalizing

Adjust to the level of thickness you want and you're done.

Step 6: