Introduction: Apple Magsafe Power Adapter Cable Saver

UPDATES! The following video is a continual improvement of my version posted here. It has been called MagSavior - The Apple Magsafe Adapter Saver. The new version is posted in both Thingiverse: and Indiegogo website: Please have your support by contributing to our project. Thank you.

Have you ever encountered your MagSafe power adapter for the MacBook blown away suddenly one day and you have to buy another one? Have you noted that the joining part of the adapter and the cable have a kink in it? That is because the negative shielding has worn off. (See my photo attached!) Thus will create lots of electrical stress onto the adapter and one day you will hear the "POP" sound.
If your MagSafe is still working and wish to prolong the life span before googling "How to fix Magsafe adapter".
I have made this little clip that is able to strengthen the flexible end of the joining part between the cable and the adapter.
I have posted on thingiverse on two types. One original and one remix. 
Original Design:

Here is the step by step on constructing the model from 123D Design + Assembly of the complete unit.

Step 1: Draw the Center Core Profile and Revolve

1. First draw the center core profile as per diagram.
2. Select the profile and use construct ---> revolve tool
3. Revolve 360 deg and new solid as shown in second dia.
4. draw the side flank as shown.

Step 2: Extrude the Side Flank

Extriude the side flank equally down and up for 2mm thick. Total 4mm thick. 
Make sure you select New Solid (By default it is Cut)


Step 3: Drawing the Base

1. Draw a rectangle base as according to measure.
2. Extrude 6.5mm on both end. Resulting thckness will be 13mm as shown.

Step 4: Cutting the Parting Slot

1. Draw the rectangle according the dimension of the picture
2. Raise up the rectangle for 0.2mm. This is to attached a joining for the bottom.
3. Extrude the cut for 0.15mm.

Step 5: Center Cut Through Slot

1. Draw rectangle profile as attached.
2. Extrude thickness 1.5mm.

Step 6: Cut a Through Hole Using Revolve Cut Method

1. Draw a off center profile as according to diagram.
2. Do a 360 deg. revolve cut.

Note: You can also cut through via the top.

Step 7: Revolve Cut the Bottom

1. Draw rectangle as according to the diagram.
2. Revolve cut 360 deg.

Step 8: Extrude Cut Two Holes for Cable Ties

1. Draw two circles measuring 6mm from the top and side flank.
2. Do a extrude cut to the back.

Step 9: Fillet the Top Internal Hole

1. Select the two top inner arc
2. Fillet 3mm

Step 10: Fillet the Flank

1. Select the four corners of the flank.
2. Fillet 4mm.

Step 11: Fillet the Base

Fillet 3mm at the 4 corners of the base.

Step 12: Chamfer the Base

Select the two arc at the center of the hole.
Chamfer 3.5mm

Step 13: Final Fillet

Finally, the fillet at the stem for 3mm.

Step 14: Assembly of the Unit

1. Attach a layer of 3M Double sided adhesive
2. Detach the two parts and attach half of the unit with the adhesive tape peel off.
3. Attach the other half
4. Use two cable ties to tighten the two pieces.

Thanks for reading. Hope to hear some feedback and improve it.

Anthony L (MILKA)