Introduction: Apple Muffins

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I had randomly bought a bunch of apples from the supermarket which were just laying in my fridge, uneaten, so I thought I could make something with them. One day I was going to make chocolate muffins, but then I thought about the apples, and instead decided to try and make apple muffins. I think they turned out quite well and it is somewhat original and interesting, so here is the recipe I made. I hope you try it out for yourself and enjoy the muffins!

Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies

- 50g unsalted butter

- 50g sugar

- 200g whole wheat flour

- 100g all purpose flour

- 100g almond flour

- 1 pinch of salt

- 1 pinch of cardamom (this is optional, but I would try adding it or try experimenting and adding something else that you think would taste good)

- 4 tsp baking powder

- 4 eggs

- 3 whole apples

You will also need a few bowls, a sieve, an electric mixer, a muffin tray, muffin liners, a grater, and of course, an oven.

Step 2: Create the Butter and Sugar Mixture

Preheat your oven to 385 degrees Fahrenheit or 196 degrees Celsius

Next, beat the butter and sugar together in your electric mixer. Begin on the lowest setting, and then gradually change it up to the fastest setting on your mixer and leave the mixture there until it is homogeneous.

Step 3: Combine the Dry Ingredients

Sieve the whole wheat flour, all purpose flour, almond flour, salt, cardamom (optional), and baking powder into a bowl of medium size and mix all of these ingredients together.

Step 4: The Egg Yolks

Separate the yolks from the whites of all of the eggs and beat the yolks with the butter and sugar mixture. Do not discard the egg whites.

Step 5: The Apples

Shred the apples using a grater. You can do it as shown above, cutting the apple into slices and using the peel to protect your hands from the grater. You can us a coarser or finer grater (coarser makes the muffins more crunchy, finer does not) depending on what you prefer. For these muffins, I used a finer grater.

Step 6: The Egg Whites

Beat the egg whites in the electric mixer on the highest level until they become large and puffy, but firm. If you only have one of this type of attachment on the mixer you should wash off the butter, sugar, and egg yolk mixture from it and make sure that it is really dry before beating the egg whites otherwise it will not work out properly.

Step 7: Combine Everything Together

Mix the dry and wet mixtures together, then mix the apples in as well. Next, carefully add in the puffy egg whites and mix gently.

Step 8: Finish the Muffins

Put the mixture in the muffin forms and place the muffins in the preheated oven for about 30 min.

Enjoy! :D