Apple Pencil Case



Introduction: Apple Pencil Case

This is a quick and easy way to secure your apple pencil for free (if you didn't already throw away the box)

Step 1: The Front

First slide off the cover with the apple pencil image and take out the documentation. Then take a sharp knife and cut out the two sides of the front panel. Use a pair of scissors to cut off the bottom portion of the panel.

Step 2: Notches

Using a knife, create four notches in the body of the case on the edges to keep a rubber band in place. To determine where you want these notches, place the documentation back in the case and the rubber band on top of it. Then lift the documentation with your finger to feel the pressure, adjust the placement of the rubber band accordingly.

Step 3: Securing the Documents

To keep the extra tip and adapter in place, simply flip the documentation around and cut a small slit for your finger so you can lift the box.

Step 4:

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